tis’ been a while since I wrote to you,
a deep sensation of red,
deep down in my bed,
the bed of my heart,
the place I want to call my most hearted.

but yet. Tis’ been a while,
since I thought of your fragile​,
innocent and weak heart.

The place I wish to part…

Was there,

Over where?

In’t pub.

Oh my friend,
tis’ been a while…

( this makes no sense, but be patient. I’m an alcoholic binger and was drug addict. starting my recovery​, It’s day one. And I​ relapsed, in’t pub. This a fight of my conscience, and my hunger for’t pub.)

Today I lost my dog, a black labrador called Shadow. Today we put him down because the vets had found huge tumors in​ his lungs and other places. Today is a very sad day. Today, I lost my friend.

I want to write a little poem for him, so here goes:

“Here lies our Shadow,
a shadow of myself,
dark, loving and mellow,
I’d had prefer it been myself.

His silky black fur, all over the floor,
remaining as a stain, until swept up like there was nothing before.
On the sofa he lounged, it became his territory,
his engraved figure, lying there, a memory no more.

Our love for him won’t go away,
a normal day, just can’t be this way!
As I see my shadow walk beside me,
I will forever remember the Shadow who loved me.

Now he looks down on me,
my head in the lead,
I look up to him as he did to me,
and I know, he’s shadowing over th​ee.

Here lies our hero,
forever remembering,
and never forgetting,
the ole boy that is,
our Shadow.”

Love you ole cock x

I recently went on a travelling trip around some cities of Italy, Europe. Been a European, I have a local history of ancient Roman life, and like lots of Europe it has influenced much around us. I started my journey landing in Treviso airport and stayed in the area of Mestre on the mainland near Venice. Venice was interesting, too many tourists trying to capture that perfect selfie, myself included. The Rialto bridge is just a mess of badly dressed rich tourists, flashing lights from cameras and baking heat of the sun, creating not such an enjoyable atmosphere. Walking over the academia bridge to view San Marco from the other side of the canal, beautiful place. I got mugged one my first night walking home in Mestre, and after dealing with the police right there in front of the bastards who mugged me. They got my phone back, and then told me to leave. So i had to buy some chargers I lost, and they got away with my 4gb iPod nano. It means nothing! But it was a good insight into how the police deal with a situation, Mamma mia Italia!

Next I moved to Verona, the amazingly beautiful Austrian and Italian mix of architecture, the still function ancient Roman amphitheatre and arena. Of course, Shakespeare based Romeo & Juliet in this city, and you can see why. The main high street is paved in marble… Very expensive, much like Venice, it has class, much of it. From here, I visited Lake Garda for the day, Peschiera Del Garda, a city in the south of the Lake, and Malcesine, a town further north on the east coast. Gorgeous views, just an incredible lake, it has it’s own tide, beaches all over, and you cannot see one end from the other, it’s HUGE.

I had to spent some time within these two cities, I had been waiting for some mail from the UK which I had sent to Italy the day I left. It was a train ticket so I could travel around the country and eventually get to Palermo, Sicily. It took 7 days, and after running around Verona with 20kg bag on my back and a 5kg on my front, 30degrees and no fitness training for about 5 years. I was fucking dying. Feet were swelling after walking from San Massimo, Verona, to the castell hill of San Pietro, then to Bogna Roma, Verona – all that 2 days before chasing mail around the city. With help of friendly Italian’s I had met and worked along side from the Poste Italia in San Massimo. I got my ticket, and I got the first train to Milan.

Milan, well. I wasn’t expecting what I got. What a shit hole. I arrived at the Grand Station at about 11pm. And they was at least 300 Romanian travellers and migrants outside, it was so intimidating, and I’m from Bradford, a pretty rough and multi-cultural city of Yorkshire, England. But sweet jesus, when I got to the first hotel I could, €90 it fucking cost me. The lad behind the desk even said to me, “tomorrow, you should leave, Milan is not a nice place”.
The morning after, I got up, had a quick scan around town, then left, thank heavens! Leaving the city on the train, they were so many areas of caravans, and then of migrant rescue centres. A very sad sight, for a beautiful country, the economic and fashion capital of Italy, to have such massive poverty.

Torino! Now this was a treat. I felt I had landed in Paris, the streets are wide, lined with trees as far as the eye can see. Beautiful Italian style churches and Jewish synagogues jammed in-between french style architecture. A bit colder than the rest of Italy, but your surrounded by the foothills of the alps. The nightlife is one not to miss in Torino, lots of students, lots of hipsters, very cool. A very cheap, Shoreditch in Torino. The first capital of Italy, it’s Royal buildings are glorious. Check it out.

I then moved onto the Genova, it was like stepping into a city on the verge of war. Tonnes of different police forces just driving and hanging about, loitering! And then not to mention the military presence. Amazing harbour and like any seaside town, it’s got its hills and views to go with it. But, it’s the riveria, so it’s still pricey! I didn’t feel very safe, even with all the guards, I felt like I was a victim! AHhhhhhhhhHHh

…. continued in part II

How on earth, has it come to this? Donald Trump, potential president of the worlds biggest superpower, Britain’s Tories are clueless as to what their job is, Russia is preparing for world war III. And even the Thai leader is showing some attitude towards the current western leader Obama.

Whilst we voted out of the EU manning about how many of these immigrants we have… somewhere. Collectively all these have Putin rubbing his hands with a dubious plan. I would say the ‘world is at peace’, but I think we’re far from that. The middle east is a playground for drones, military tactics and practising of advanced weaponry.

And our media is still fucking bothered about what Jeremy Corbyn did at the weekend.



Our eyes meet, a simple greet, “can I have a lite please?”

You sit down, we mingled and smiled, and talked about,
The beauty of Florence.
Before you left, you asked me out, wine together, and you won’t be alone.

Later that night, we walked together,
Fingers in hands, hands in fingers, however we held hands,
We held them tight, like we had done forever,
We kissed and romanced, like a film shot in Florence.

We split ways, we left for Rome, all alone.
Would I see you again? I asked myself, I had hope.

We meet in Rome, we meet again.
This time, longer, a temptation in my soul.
We enjoyed Trevi together, tossing hope into the fountain,
A dream you want to come true, a desirable aspiration to fulfil.

At night I laid with you, a dream coming true,
A desire I did not want to end,
The morning seeped through the blinds,
A night to remember, a new love I felt.

We split ways again, this time for longer,
I should be able to remember, the beauties of Italy,
but my mind is lost, like a lover is no longer,
The beauty of Heesun, was my beauty of Italy.

After a beautiful day walking up to Piazzale Michelangelo, Firenze, Italia. Escaping my mind over the breathtaking views of Firenze tucked deep in the Tuscany heartlands. Late afternoon walking through the Uffizi. I sit down and drink a beer, soaking in the life and culture around me, the huge statues, fountains and glorious architecture. I received a text from my father, “your uncle bill has gone into a coma” – doctors say he won’t make it”. My heart drowns through my body, faster than the lager I drink to drown my sorrows. A dearly loved family member, I didn’t know what to feel, how to feel. I light a cigarette up and just stare at my phone. Minutes later, I hear something from above my head. Looking down to me on the curb, tears in my eyes hidden behind my shades. This gorgeous eastern Asian lady asks for a lite for her cigarette. She sits down, the rest is history.

You came to me in a time of darkness,
Surrounded by the beauty of Firenze,
I mourned my passing family,

You asked me for a light,
Never did I think, you would be the light,
the light I so dearly needed.

Your warm soul, la vostra bellezza naturale,
you became my lightness,
my guide to happiness,
my Pantheon, all in one.

Now your gone,
far away from the horizon I can see,
all I want to ask thy,
Is can I have your light,
before we’re all gone.

Well, The United Kingdom European Union Referendum…. I went travelling around Italy for a month, My uncle sadly and abruptly died, Sam Alladyce quit after one game as England Football Manager, UKIP are fighting each other (one seriously ill in hospital) and Jeremy Corbyn won a second election, fuck you Blairites.

Woah, what a dramatic time. But lets start from the top, where I left off, from what I can remember. In-fact, lets not, lets just get mad.

First, I’ll talk about THE EU – BREXIT!

What an eventful day today has been,
NHS strikes everywhere to be seen,
Junior doctors been made to do the unseen,
the unheard, the unthinkable,
here comes the Tory shit stream.

Whilst we sit in our homes safe and sound,
the lifesavers are out and about,
young and old, shoulder to shoulder,
“Save our NHS”, that’s all you hear about.

This is just one problem with Tories,
again and again, they never fail to upset the crowds,
tax credits, disabled benefits, forced academies.
A manifesto full of promises and highs,
turns out, it’s just rhetoric terms and tax haven lies,

But today isn’t just about the NHS,
for we have other problems,
a war on a noun and European debates,
enough to move the discussion away,
control and persuade this craze,
Rupert Murdoch says.

Not blinded by propaganda, realities revealed
3,000 Syrian children, where do we begin?
their homes gone, parents no more, how do we heal?
ashes are all thats left, and our government planned to bomb,
with no moral obligation discussed,
no plan for the aftermath, the plan was simple,
bomb bomb bomb.

St.Georges day comes and goes,
fancy dress, real ale and pies
at least we forget these 3,000 souls,
a burden on our fun,
we show our incompetence and arrogance
towards OUR only one.

These annoying Syrian children,
whose ancestor become the pinnacle of British culture,
an emblem of her power and liberty
a sign to all lesser nations,
a symbol of our sovereignty,
but all was to be diminished, in one morbid spring afternoon.

Here in commons,
You can hear them now, those white middle-class,
“Don’t let them in!”
“Vote them out!”

they don’t want history to enlighten our minds,
of the gestures our brothers have left behind,
we may as well never remember,
remember poor George,
refuge from his land, we gave a help in hand,
years later, we parade his image, we shout his name,
we get pissed and dressed up and act all proud,
but deep down,
if George was around,
He wouldn’t be too proud.

Today in Britain, where I am, I’ve seen everything today. All four seasons of earth have been and gone, and it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Snow to sun, and everything in-between, quiet mad really. But the weather isn’t the reason upsetting me today, it’s the Tory governments actions towards some of the most intelligent of Britons, Junior Doctors, they seem to now be the new enemy of the state, or so the government and media want us to believe.

If you was alive in the 1970’s during the miner’s strike, you will know the tension. However, I’m young, and this conservative bullying of our industries is relatively new to me. I have always used the NHS, for things like… my birth, dentist and eye-tests as a child, broken bones taken care of in our A&E departments, saving my brothers life after a motorcycle accident and also quiet recently losing grandparents to cancer and well, frankly, depression killed my grandfather. But that’s just my history of usage of our amazingly superior health service. The same doctors also help the British overseas colonies and United nations projects, by going into practices in war-zones, natural disasters and poverty.

What amazing people. Truly, if I ever have a child, what more could you want than one of them joining one of the most, if not, the most noble professions of them all. Sciences, human sciences, chemistry, biology, brain surgeons, you name it.

So I aren’t going to go into depths about the actual contract, about the actual event’s that have gone on, but one statistic. 98% of the NHS staff are apparently behind the ‘All-out strike’ that is happening today. Our beloved and overlooked A&E departments are what is the big upset today.

But I’m confused, baffled, and inside this reluctancy from our own population to stand up for what is known as ‘the last British religion’, the National Health Service. Historically Briton’s have always being fighters, revolutionary and we ourselves, this little island have influenced politics all over the world. We seemed to not bother any more, weather it’s the distraction of capitalism and material objects that derives us from fighting and believing in systems that our ancestors fought long and hard for, even died. The protest against the Iraw war brought out over 250,000 people, but still, in a population of millions, that is not enough.

My only worry is with today, the media whom play a huge part within the manipulation of the population into believing certain politics, well they are already pointing the finger at the doctors, “it’s there fault”, the BMI’s fault. And people will gradually start to believe them, my father in law is one solid Tory whom already is blaming the doctors for being paid to much, shouldn’t be aloud to strike, should be working 7 days a week (to which for you americans who don’t know, the NHS is and always has been 24/7 and always will be).

When people wake up to the fact, they’re paying to see their local GP, when they’ll moaning about forking out for insurance if they break their limbs, the terrible emergency response service, the under-staffed hospitals and well… you get the picture, when it will be time to wake up and do something about. The NHS will no longer be there, privatisation is happening on a rapid scale, the middle class journalists whom use private healthcare, couldn’t give a shit. And that’s what is making me mad. The very reason, people aren’t getting mad, people aren’t showing their love for the NHS, but when they are in need of the NHS.

The NHS will not fail to come help you. This shit needs to change, TODAY.

BBC By Nick Triggle, Health correspondent . AFP photo . The first all-out doctors’ strike in the NHS’s history is a “bleak day”, ministers say, but hospitals seem to be coping well during Tuesday’s stoppage. Junior doctors walked out of routine and emergency care at 08:00 BST. The strike affects A&E, maternity and intensive care for […]

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