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Is it only me who thinks this, but maybe London ‘Underground’, should change. Something more like the DLR line within the underground would be much better, one for the tourism, but two… the most importantly, because there is air all around you, you can see the sun and the city landscapes, this feel’s much better than spending ages on a dirty tube stuck in some mucky tunnel about 10ft wide. I’m sure somewhere in Asia, have overground more than underground, trains flying through the air. Underground sucks in the sun


modern ruins.

Trekking Tracy

I took these photos years ago, on a hot, cloudy summer afternoon in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska.

Carhenge is a replica of Stonehenge, formed from 38 vintage American automobiles.

The last photo with the colored cars represents seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.




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Big Data and The Law ™

This is not a hit job on Cody Wilson, tempting though it might be to write one.

Here’s the thing – if I shared his world view, however you might define it, I wouldn’t want him on my side.  For a number of reasons, he’s just not a credible representative.

It’s a problem when people like that are on your side.  We link messages and messengers, and we judge each with a view to the other.  You don’t want your message dragged down by the problems of some other messenger.

Here’s what this has to do with Big Data.

As we know, Big Data brings with it a lot of social and legal issues that need to be addressed.  It will be difficult enough to address them without the discussion being influenced by the qualities of the people who visibly take part in the discussion.

The Big Data business community…

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Another lovely english tosser

A women who is from Shipley, Bradford has been abusing her OWN children. Racially abusive as well. Why? What a twat of a woman.

I felt like a cold big wet fish had just smacked me straight in the face when i first saw this news article, what must have been going through that women’s head when she thought of plunging her baby deep into the sewers of china. I can’t imagine the life that baby will lead in years to come, seeing photo’s or videos of any child’s first appearance to the fresh air of the world is a lovely thought, the family gathering around the small baby celebrating the life, but this baby will have to look back on a photo where it is crying, covered in shit and piss, and being rescued from a sewage pipe. Not a pretty memory to have. The woman and child should receive full health support, but then again, were talking about population control and the Chinese government.

disco all the way!

the next wave

1280px-Disco_Ball3I was watchng a documentary about the guitarist and producer Nile Rodgers, who together with his musical collaborator Bernard Edwards had, with Chic and (as producer) Sister Sledge, a golden run of hits in the late 1970s, at the height of the disco boom. And then – after the so-called ‘Disco Demolition Night‘ in 1979’ – neither band had another hit. Without trying to overthink it this was a cultural moment that deserves a little more reflection.

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So how does this work? I don’t want to get arrested for saying something daft about Amanda Holden or the Chinese Government, Katie Prices plastic bakewell’s or how London segregates and categorizes its societies. An idea would be to come up with a title of a topic, and then to blast out some words, moaning or laughing about the situation, and that’s that. Bloggers will then read this shit, hopefully ‘share’ it or something and worldwide fame for a hunky Yorkshireman will be.


How to start this blog I haven’t a fucking clue. So I’m just going to type shit about myself, I’m from Yorkshire, the original home of England. I’m from a place called Bradford which is basically a city dug between a huge valley that runs into the Pennines. I’m currently 21 and a Graphic Design student living in Wimbledon, London. I study at the UCA, Epsom which really is a bag of shit and anybody reading this thinking of higher education, don’t. 

As I’m going to end up boring myself with an introduction, I will just put the basic’s. I’m a graphic designer, an illustrator and I enjoy writing, just as a hobby, hence why I started this tremendously long blog. I’m a very secretive person and I the only way I wish to express my ideas and thoughts are by writing, not by drawing, funny enough. This either means I’m a really shit illustrator, or I need to sort myself out. Either way… I hope you read my endless blog posts about daily crap life, or memoirs of my own events that I feel need sharing. Most of my embarrassing events happen in my little village in Bradford called Wibsey, but we’ll get onto that soon enough. WORD X