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I saw a link to an article by the guardian that was on the topic of Coal. A resource we all know created such cities and countries, such as my home city Bradford. Coal boomed off the industry era, and now there are many other cheaper, greener and easier ways of creating ‘production’ for a country or city. Coal is probably used for many things still but I’m sure solutions could be made and new ways of living without coal could be possible. So we’ve covered coal and it’s value, next is the country of Australia, such a vast country of pure nothing-ness.. Fucking desert or the ‘Never never’, the ‘Outback’ as it’s called to aborigines. The country itself and it’s recent political parties have become quite an attraction for tourism and even one of it’s most famous aspects. The Great Barrier Reef. A whole section of ocean and sea that is covered in beautiful, vibrant coral reef deep in the water that is only a reason why we call it a Natural Wonder. One of it’s kind.


So this is the article….

What a fucking mess. The government clearly have an urge for Coal. Why? it’s fucking old, it’s such a modern country, that still needs to spread out over its lands and build. Rather than going over a Natural Wonder /or damaging the fucking life out of it for years, they could just use all that space in the fucking desert. It’s a huge island. I have so many friends that have moved there for the better life etc. Maybe living is cheap and there ain’t no beggars, everyone has a job, blahblahblah… very well and good for the economy, so why on earth the sudden urge to fuck the earth and create more money, more greed. Greedy fat capitalist motherfuckers.


I’m sorry fellow bloggers that I haven’t been keeping up to date with continuous blogs about random articles and annoying topics. I have had a mad few month, I ended up getting back into uni, bumming them and their regulations, I won. The main reason I started this blog was to take my concentration away from such other things that aren’t going to make my career more interesting or useful towards making me some money and the ‘easy life’. So I just missed my train from London Euston and I’m now sat with a pint waiting around to get another coach from Victoria coach station to my home in Bradford. Maybe I should have got my coach to Halifax instead, that’s my new home. So yeh, the last time I posted on this was a while ago. I seem to lose connection with my world down in London and my life up north. Two different roller-coasters. Two mad places. One weak fragile mind and one abused body. My friend who I just came to the station with, (he got his train) Adam, he said to me “Mike, you’ve got yourself two jobs, squatted in two places, got yourself arrested, quit 2 jobs and still homeless, and have you done any uni work?”

Well, fuck me, I didn’t know what to say. I laughed. He’s being honest, I like an honest person. Prefer that than someone who goes down with me to the rock bottom. Honesty like this truely is the best policy, a good friend. Useful words. Basically something my dad would say, FRAME YOURSELF!