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Stephen Fry has once again amazed me with his intellectual thinking and using his power’s to reach out to the TV audiences around the UK. The comedian’s most recent piece of work is on Channel 4, it’s called “EYE SPY”. On this program he tackles many topics, Racism, Sexism, Ignorance and many many many more, by using social experiments to catch out the British public to see if they react, ethically, morally.

This show is good, very fucking good. It’s something our society needs, and on a regular basis to show that we are more becoming a culture towards hating each other, rather than being friendly. The show has it’s downfall’s. Stephen, god bless him, he is enthusiastic about a 33% of us who would say something to a racist remark, but fucking hell… 33% isn’t very good. He would then salute and honored the people that do the right thing, yet not mentioning the repercussions of more and more of us becoming unethical. Plus the locations of this experiments, I know it’s only been one episode so far, but fucking hell… folk in Manchester and London do NOT represent the rest of the country, London being the biggest metropolitan city in the world isn’t even 50% of British people, so some people in these experiments could be tourists.

The experiments NEED to be in more derelict or deserted places within the UK, in places of Britain where no black people live, or a little village where outsiders aren’t welcome. These places need to be tested, because at the end of the day, the average man in this country isn’t all these words that seem to appear ‘sexist, racist …. blahblahblah’ only people who are brought up or have been persuaded that these words and the actions they follow are correct, are the right way of life.This is the audience that Fry must break, this is the crowd that make our country look like shit, and out of only THREE EPISODES… this short message to the UK public should be a regular shout at the fuckers.


Twelve Days of Silence.


A beautiful illustration…

Image The glorious taste of sweet tobacco is hidden by a packet that has been structured into been a powerful piece of advertising, it couldn’t just say Cigarettes. It has royal golden colours to look appetizing and luxurious to the rich and wealthy, yet it has it’s addictive sticks of rolled tobacco for the poor and unhealthy.

Since I’ve been smoking, I’ve taken a keen interest on the designs of these packets, Lambert and Butler, Marlboro, Benson and Hedges, many many more have more or less the same packaging, different colours etc, but the layout, the theme’s they seem to follow, even with these new SMOKING KILLS stickers laid in front of the design, and images alike the one I’m thinking of, where a man with some sort of infection on his neck appears on the back of the packet. Still these appeal to people.

I looked closey on a packet I had been smoking for a while, Marlboro Reds. Been quite a keen historian I know about the Roman empire. A speech that Julius Caesar said about his campaigns that ended up ruling the world as they knew it, he said this, “Veni Vedi Vici”.. which means, “I came, I saw, I conquer”. Which is also on the logo that is stamped into the middle of this package… A coat of arm’s stands above the bold black lettering of Marlboro, into a deep and powerful quote, telling the audience right there, that soon as you see one, you want one, soon as you smoke one, I’ll conquer your body.
Other packets also have some sort of strong imagery, some sort of manipulating word play. Like I said in my last post, WORDS ARE THE MOST POWERFUL OF TOOLS.

“DOWN DOWN… DEEPER AND DOWN”…. this is some deep shit.

I’m sat here, with my eyes focused so much I’m getting eye-ache. Watching about how religion is bollocks and the American government is corrupt and organized the 9/11 attacks and how they which I find this mental, but how did they have trial days for the air force, which they were practicing planes into buildings. Then on the day of these trials, they failed real world attacks, the exact same with the London Bombings… same stations, times, days and events… hmmm? plus a reporter asks George Bush about the 9/11 report, and just embarrasses him publicly, but the fucking people watching this shit are to dumb, to lazy to give a fuck.

All this is very well and good, really interesting, but why does this guy who is now the leader of this ‘movement’ doesn’t also concentrate on corruption within Europe, within the UK. The fall of the stock markets within Europe which has caused so much civil war within so many countries. He does concentrate the DVD really well about ‘Terrorism’.

Scary word – Terrorism. But maybe this is the English language that is used as a weapon, instead of terrorist bombs and all this fucking shit. How can you get rid of terror by using warfare, enforcing terror on other cultures and countries around the world, and expect terror around the world to disappear. Terrorism, a word that once said gets the mind thinking about things we relate to the word terror. Much like if i said flowers, you wouldn’t expect burning fires and sharp nails, you’d imagine fields of flowers or a vase full. The gullible audience believe these words… they believe that because somebody on television or somebody of higher power and responsibility says a certain word, and we should all hate and despise this word, we should ‘fight against it’. Bollocks. 
It’s like if I use the word ‘bastard’. It’s an awful word because it is swearing…. whatever that is, but it also means you are born without a father figure. A bastard child.
Words are the most powerful of tool’s for governments and capitalist’s to use, long or ‘hard to understand’ words are not taking in as much by the dumber more gullible of people. But when a spokesman etc can’t find certain words, and other people make them think before they speak, some things are now kindly recorded due to our amazing era in mankind. Now, unlike ever before, we can catch, embarrass, torture and humiliate using different ways, these people who run our shit, but don’t run it very well.  Also, actions and image are strong tool’s used by these fucking morons to manipulate audiences into believe ‘the truth’.

Poverty is the biggest terror within this world, something that can be easily resolved, without all the war, without all the religion and hatred for each other, this useless function of currency could actually be of some use.

Years and years… thousands of years.. its been endless warfare. Not one year goes by where the word PEACE has been used throughout the world at the same time. Not even after such horrific incidents as world war 1 & 2.

I find that when I’m bored, I just seem to look at Facebook over and over again, watching people live their own lives. I see the bigger picture though, people sat next to each other fucking tagging where they are, or people taking pictures to put them on some shit social network site. Whats more depressing than sitting on the tube and looking at people, looking at other people living there lives through social networking sites.

Mad thing is, me and my..girlfriend, well we don’t do much and we only seem to fucking do boring stuff, I aren’t motivated enough to work, do some design’s or writing, but I can’t. I haven’t found anything in my life that gives me the ambition to work, the motive to do things.

Instead of living my life, i just watch other people enjoy there’s, this makes me even more fucking depressed. What do I do? How do I end this?

On my previous posts I write about a company I have been interning at, I have appeared 2 days in 2 weeks, simply because of the lack of motive, organization and structure at this company.

It seems to be successful and is getting bigger, spreading from London to Miami. But at the same time, I’ve heard by my journalist friends and they told me differently, they said its going down the shitpan. And I wonder why….

The company when I joined, didn’t have any editors, no department mangers or supervisors, its simply a one man show. The owner, the creator, he does fucking everything, he doesn’t know how to use photoshop, he doesn’t employee many staff, and I mean BARELY ANY. Maybe 2-3 people out of a good 60 people I’ve met at the GN, but everybody is on internship’s, so he gets all the money. 
I was told to do a small animation banner, advertising an event, I created something within the hour, and this should have been a quick job. The ‘GUY’ shall we call him, the owner dude, well he shows me the banner already created, and tells me to get the information from FACEBOOK then re-create it how I want.
It ended up taking me around 6-7 hours to complete this shit, as every time I showed him, he wanted it to be changed. Until it turned into something that was so shit, and I was embarrassed to call it ‘my work’. Nearing the end of the day, because he couldn’t be bothered telling me what to do anymore, he got someone else to supervise my work, after short discussion I got told the person supervising me was a fashion journalist and knows fuck all about graphics.

So I was quite pissed off I haven’t learned fuck all at this company, no briefs are given, no feedback, no guidance, no structure, no organization…. If I have studying something for years, don’t insult me by saying my work is bad, when everybody but the owner doesn’t like it, then getting people who know nothing of my profession, to tell me I’m wrong, or shit…


I’m such a fucking patriotic tosser about Yorkshire. I love England, but cmon, lets be totally honest, England wouldn’t of won the Olympics without us, you wouldn’t have Yorkshire puddings and Yorkshire terriers, you wouldn’t of had a major city like Bradford being the Wool capital of the world providing so much economy for the country……. I could go on and on…

Back in the olden days northern barons would fight the King of England, based in London. All the northern towns gathered together to form might armies, much larger and powerful than the English – Royal army at times. Civil war was the norm. I’m not saying I want this to happen again, because frankly, I’d give it two days and I think the northern CITIES and towns of England would burn London within seconds.

I just feel as though, my county, should be a country. Were big enough to sustain a strong economy, this is a madness idea, but Scarborough could be tourism landmarks again…well. We have such huge cities of different cultures, and it’s a common fact that England is the most centralized country in the world, everything we give, London takes. I have a mad dream that the county of Yorkshire would get independence from England, the UK and Great Britain, and just became…


The true home of England.  

My friend recently wrote an article about Alcatraz and we was talking about the three men that claimed to have escaped, but did they survive or did they die?

When I was younger I had the pleasure of going to the beautiful city of San Franciscooooooooooo, and wow. Loved it. I had the privilege of going to Alcatraz and going on the tour, another amazing experience, I have had a mad love as a child, and baring in mind I failed history at school because I fucking hate the curriculum, I learned history my own way. I studied hard about gangland, ganglord’s and gangsters. So I honored the moment I stepped onto Alcatraz Island.

Since my chat with my friend, it’s been on the back of my mind, and I wondered where in my life I stopped researching and learning about these incredible people. Corruption was a main topic I loved, the violence and war it sparks, the money and power it brings. Maybe this is why I enjoy politics now…

So yeh, this is just me telling you all about me thinking about this history of crime, that I enjoyed so much, and I have so much knowledge about. FUCK IT! I know what I’ll do, I’ll fucking blog about it.

Theres nothing better than being in the comfort of your own home, a little bit of work, a little bit of food, a little bit of mary jane to help the hangover, and of course… enjoying the sweet sweet sounds of John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf.

I find the blues the most relaxing and meditating of music, it’s deep sounds and aged lyrics set a nice scene within different environments. A strip club could maybe use some more up-beat, catchy beats for the ladies to dance to. A faster melody brings every-bodies mood up, it’s the nature of the sound. But yet if you slow down the same song, it becomes something beautiful and relaxing, something that will make you sit back and think, rather than jump around dancing… or… looking at titties.

Booker T and The MG’s – Green Onion. Beautiful piece of jazz funk with that old school Saxx record touch. This is what i admire in the morning’s, a bit of the oldies and some big breakfast’s cooking up. Joined by a sweeeeeeeet smoke of mary jane herself… Beautiful morning.