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Bruce Reynolds becoming a writer…

Pretty good read, I liked his way of thinking. It seemed to me much like saying “live fast, die young”, but in relation to him living the high life and then ending up in prison. Maybe his high life will take off again after his book, most likely.
I’m hoping to find this book very soon. Should be a good read…

Its called, The Autobiography of a Thief.


Reading. This is a hobby I passionately love. I failed English Literature at school, apparently, according to the curriculum anyway. This must be wrong! I feel I am ok with my writing and reading skills. I enjoy reading about many things, even if it’s something that I wouldn’t expect myself to enjoy, or maybe it’s something a friend has recommended to me.
I read a few books at a time, I open my mind to the literature techniques around the world and how these famous writers, poets etc. have all managed to get to where they are with there books etc. I have literally just finished two books.


One is called Precious which was made into a deep, epic motion picture and told the tale of one 16 year old African American girl who lived in Harlem, New York. Claireece Precious Jones she was called. Her mother and father raped and abused her; her father was a crack addicted who also has HIV and end up’s dying before the story hits the media. Precious’s story tells how she escaped this life of horror and darkness to a better life for her and her two incest children. Two children by her father, the first she had at 12, the next at 16. Booted out of school for been pregnant. This story is truly grim, horrible and heroic. I believe stories like this show the awful reality of the states and many other major cities that we depict to be the ‘greatest place on earth’. But it’s how Precious writes her story, she only just learnt how to read and write, and she writes the story so powerfully and beautifully that it made me cry and laugh all in one sentence. I enjoyed her poetry; her teacher tells her that her poetry is weird, different and unique. Which it is! Not always does it rhyme but it paints a beautiful picture in ones head.


Secondly, it’s a book by a Yorkshire-man, Ian Clayton.  He’s from Featherstone, further south from where I’m from. The book is called Bringing it all back home. It’s about popular music, and how he collects so many things to remind him of moments in his life, he’s a huge fan of the Blues and Jazz and I to am a big fan. My friend Jack, who is a punk, the friendliest punk I’ve ever met, he recommended the book to me when he knew I loved the music genres I do. He said this book I would enjoy because I can relate to this man so much, he’s just too northern and I would understand it. I laughed and took the book. Never have I enjoyed and learnt so much from one book. I learned so much music through this book, and I am making it a task, a challenge, and I’m committing to it. I wish to go for an ale with this person and spend an afternoon talking about the world, music, adventures, his book and his beautiful daughter who passed away and is an inspiration to the people of Featherstone. The main reason I enjoy this book is because of his use of language, I even re-read certain lines out because he types certain words us Yorkshire folk would use. I pronounce and say it out like my dad would have done, or my mother would have done. It’s so interesting to think other people would understand this language.


These are just two of my recent reads, I’m also reading my mass collection of Hunter S. Thompson, and my huge Stephen Fry Chronicles. I must start writing my publications which I dreamed about, my ideas I never continued. Reading this material that I so dearly love and enjoy influences me to get over my own life, helps me with my depression and helps me think about how to write more articles and books in the future.


I believe the main tools any human needs to be successful, powerful, intelligent and wise, is not a gun, not a sword or arrow, but simply a pen and paper.

Philosophizing and educating each other is the way forward for mankind, all this can be found in the luxury of a book, or can be created on the very nub of a pen.



How on earth is there a hunger strike that will affect the prison? Have you seen whats around it. You morons.

CBS San Francisco

SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — California’s prisons chief says inmates who are refusing meals to protest the state’s solitary confinement program for gang leaders are harming their own cause.

In his first comments on the subject, Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard tells The Associated Press that the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation already has a program to reduce isolation sentences that can last for decades.

That program has stopped since a protest began Monday with about 30,000 inmates statewide refusing meals. They are supporting inmates with ties to gangs who are being held in solitary confinement at Pelican Bay State Prison.

Beard also said Wednesday that the department is unlikely to make more concessions to inmates.

The strike is the largest of three hunger strikes in the last two years.

(Copyright 2013 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

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Yo gang, I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m really not in the mood to do any. To be honest I don’t wanna hear someone give me advice on my shit life, its gotten to the point where whatever someone says to me, sounds alot like what somebody just told me to do and didn’t work.

I have SOME exciting news. I found my old books on gangland and crime etc. Going to have a laugh reading these.

The £3,000 a year tuition fee I pay must not be enough for these greedy gits. Entering into my third and final year, I have now been booted out of my university, my institution. When it came to appealing, I had less than one day to appeal my case. Now It’s got to the point of lawyers. I am being told by members of staff that I will lose if I bring lawyers in, But everyone else seem’s to think its a the greater idea. I have evidence to show EVERYONE that this speciailized instituion within London is a joke, an embaressment towards education and I will not stand here and let people treat me the way I have, and get away with this.

My education has been abused and joked around with at this university, Not much feedback is given from a full term’s worth of work, learning is minimal.
I was once told that the common misconception with universities are that you don’t go to learn, you go to get a degree and your guided through this.
But maybe a university that doesnt guide you through things, maybe the Unit I failed, I failed because of the lack of effort from my tutors, guiding me through my work, giving me advice, tips, research, influence. Yet, I wasn’t given any guidance, and now they are booting me out over £56. This won’t be the end of this topic. I will keep you, my bloggers in with this crazy situation, and my future plans.

I am now going to try beat them at they’re own game, threatening and taking force.


How to make Government understand design | Editor’s View | Design Week.

I study graphic design at a specialized university within london. I recently became interested with politics and philosophy, just because of the power the knowledge brings to the table. It opens your eyes to the world around you and helps you figure out where is good to live, why etc… The UK is not one of these places. This being one of my main reasons.
I don’t understand how they can not support such a vital part of british culture or education just because of their personal lack of understanding. Not everybody understands georgraphy or spanish, but them courses within institutions and schools carry on, they stand for something more than just the title. The way i look at education is like this, We are all humans who have something to offer the world, weather its the way of life we live, the business and success we become, or the talents that we are praised for. These aren’t forced upon us no more, these are given to us, or influenced to us by anybody in the UK. Teachers say if you don’t get your GCSE’s you can’t do anything in life, a child’s brain is a like a sponge and will soak that abuse into their mind and live life thinking they are a waste of space. Our educational system is fucked. Design as a whole is something that many, many people interact with and use everyday, weather its for a career or personal use. It helps solved people’s issue’s like mental health problems. Who normally, these people seem to be the high achievers within the history of design, music and art culture around the world.

Design is at the forefront of everything the world needs right now. Our stupid wars are advertised to make us hate other cultures and invaders. Our stupid shopping centres and sports centres that provide so much economy for the country are all advertised. How the prime-minister win’s his fucking election is advertised. Without creatives the world cannot move forward, people who think literally are the people who are stuck in the same position, they don’t make the world improve. People who are from all walks of life, all fields of work, all within the UK, these who think LATERALLY, are the ones who run this fucking ship. Not them posh sods with the money and no brains, no future plans and no hope.

Design is the number one field of work in the world. Nevermind business or whatever… Without design the modern world can’t run, without design, money can’t be made into profits, and companies can’t grow, cities can’t grow, and ultimately, countries can’t grow. Resulting in sub-cultures fighting out against this, against the ‘system’. It’s only a matter of time until we meet the ‘future punks’.

coked up slapper. you was the bomb in mean girls. what happened…

I am now losing it, living here, in this awkward situation, that my partner seem’s to make more and more awkward.

On a time that we are alone in our house, they seem to be three people who are living in my house. Me, my ex, the Iphone. This little shit I could kill. It seems to get more social value out of my own girlfriend, than I do. Hell the fucking thing makes her laugh more than I do. All I seem to do now is just shut up when told, talk when asked. I spend money on food for us to live, to go out and socialize with ‘friends’. I woke up this morning and I’m so angry I cried, then I booted some stuff around my house, this will only make the situation worse, but what could be worse than living with your three best friends – ex girlfriend and bestfriend, Iphone and my new best pal, Silence.

I don’t have a smart before because I don’t want to become some ignorant swine who only thinks talking and using manners is acceptable on their own terms and timing within a conversation, instead I’ll stare at a small screen in my hand, the devil screen. The screen that wankers get excited about a new one coming out, yet it does the same fucking thing. Through pointless shit like this I have created anger and deep hatred towards people just because of their incompetence to be fucking human, instead of a retard who is just clued to a screen for a social life.



ImageRobert Stroud.

I said I would blog about what I use to study as a hobby, which was history of gangland and crime etc etc… I enjoyed it. It gave me the thrills. Made me fantasies about being in that situation of wealth, corruption and crime. Although recently my life isn’t going very well, and I really can’t be fucking bothered typing or thinking about this shit, BUT it brings me away from the everyday life around me and indulges me into something I just seem to be doing without even thinking about. IGNORE THE WORLD AROUND YOU<<<.

Anyway, yeah, so whilst researching, when I was younger, must of been 12, 11, maybe younger, who knows… well I stumbled upon a famous prison, penitentiary to be factual. It was called Alcatraz. I could talk all day about this place, Love it. I read about famous prisoners who spent time on the island, and one name, one person, one story – stood out to me. His name was Robert Stroud. He was nicknamed the Birdman of Alcatraz, they is also a film that my nan told me about that Burt Lancaster was in, I think he played him…

Well, after my excitment about this person, I went online and round some shops and found a book that was about him, his biography, I have just lent it out to a friend of mine, Mischa, who is a brilliant writer for a few papers and websites, etc etc Music journalist. So yeah I enjoyed reading this book, I don’t think I ever read it the whole way through? I found out that his nickname the ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’ isn’t actually correct, his is the ‘Birdman of Sskjjdowjd’ (icantfuckingremembertheword) some prison from whereabouts he’s from in the USofshittyA.

He is a brillant scientist, and he found many cure’s for many things through the sciences of bird’s. He use to have cages all over his prison cell, and he would study these birds, breed them, raise them and maybe even bury them. He was a good scientist and isn’t really looked upon just because of his actions. Now I can’t remember what the full situation was with his murder’s, but I know one of them was when he murdered the prison officer, then he got sent to Alcatraz. Then he was fucked.

Can’t remember that much, and he’s a really interesting person, maybe one of his cures helped scientist’s when the bird flew came around not so long ago…? who knows?