Our eyes meet, a simple greet, “can I have a lite please?”

You sit down, we mingled and smiled, and talked about,
The beauty of Florence.
Before you left, you asked me out, wine together, and you won’t be alone.

Later that night, we walked together,
Fingers in hands, hands in fingers, however we held hands,
We held them tight, like we had done forever,
We kissed and romanced, like a film shot in Florence.

We split ways, we left for Rome, all alone.
Would I see you again? I asked myself, I had hope.

We meet in Rome, we meet again.
This time, longer, a temptation in my soul.
We enjoyed Trevi together, tossing hope into the fountain,
A dream you want to come true, a desirable aspiration to fulfil.

At night I laid with you, a dream coming true,
A desire I did not want to end,
The morning seeped through the blinds,
A night to remember, a new love I felt.

We split ways again, this time for longer,
I should be able to remember, the beauties of Italy,
but my mind is lost, like a lover is no longer,
The beauty of Heesun, was my beauty of Italy.