After a beautiful day walking up to Piazzale Michelangelo, Firenze, Italia. Escaping my mind over the breathtaking views of Firenze tucked deep in the Tuscany heartlands. Late afternoon walking through the Uffizi. I sit down and drink a beer, soaking in the life and culture around me, the huge statues, fountains and glorious architecture. I received a text from my father, “your uncle bill has gone into a coma” – doctors say he won’t make it”. My heart drowns through my body, faster than the lager I drink to drown my sorrows. A dearly loved family member, I didn’t know what to feel, how to feel. I light a cigarette up and just stare at my phone. Minutes later, I hear something from above my head. Looking down to me on the curb, tears in my eyes hidden behind my shades. This gorgeous eastern Asian lady asks for a lite for her cigarette. She sits down, the rest is history.

You came to me in a time of darkness,
Surrounded by the beauty of Firenze,
I mourned my passing family,

You asked me for a light,
Never did I think, you would be the light,
the light I so dearly needed.

Your warm soul, la vostra bellezza naturale,
you became my lightness,
my guide to happiness,
my Pantheon, all in one.

Now your gone,
far away from the horizon I can see,
all I want to ask thy,
Is can I have your light,
before we’re all gone.