We are all aware of the war on terror, a mythical war with mythical characters. We are lead to believe a war of terror, by so called terrorists that are among us. Yet, we are lead to believe Robin Hood was a legend, a man who would steal from the rich and give to the poor, with his beautiful wife Maid Marian, and the all the other mythical characters they threw in over the years to sweeten the story for social change amongst our empire. But we don’t learn from our mistakes, we, the British citizens are to comfy in our armchairs and sofa’s, to busy watching Eastenders, X-Factor and all the other shit this delusional box puts on. We ONLY concentrate on ourselves and our own lives. Why do we not wake up and realize the lies that are forever thrown in our faces.

Robin Hood and many other ‘legends’ should be named terrorists, seen as they did terrorize the public. Mass murderers who were against the ‘system’, against order and the monarchy. Shouldn’t we be thinking, why are we still fighting in the middle east? what quarrel do we have with those people? what do they have we want? We still choose to let these people into our country, open mosques and temples, and as a catholic monarch, we have failed to stay stable, we have failed to promote the religion that is Catholicism.

Instead, we have mixed religion into cities, causing anarchy and tension between many peoples, MP’s bringing war in other countries, religions that never existed here our main concern.

I am not religious, I am not nationalist or patriotic, I am atheist. I don’t believe in the boarder-lines of countries and continents, nor the need for monarchy and governments. What I do believe in is manipulation. The power to manipulate people into believing something, something that could be the ingredients on a packet of crisps, or the lie that cigarettes are healthy for you, or that you believe in a god that want’s you to wipe another race off the face of the earth. I believe we are being manipulated into believing such a word, a word that stereotypes a race, causes paranoia for millions… a word like terror.

Who are these terrorist’s? Would you know if you lived next door to one? I wouldn’t. Maybe we need to learn and understand the meanings of what we are being manipulated into believing, maybe then we would realize that our leaders are also terrorists to others, and that this is a rhetorical war-game which, whoever has most money, will win.