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Some people wanna see the world burn,
some people like Hitler,

Some people wanna see the world as one,
some people like Mandela,

Some people wanna drive fast cars and have lots of money,
Some people unlike me.

Some people eh…


I haven’t blogged in a while, and my life has had somewhat, a radical change. I now visit a specialist to help me with my depression and anxiety, which is ok… but being with my friends, and being home. I’ve had a great realization.  An epiphany. I thought about my life good and hard. Even though I’m still deep in my depression I have been able to come to terms with how serious my condition actually is. Much stuff I don’t like to reveal on the internet but some I will. 

These radical changes are what hopefully shape my life into action, into positivity and ignoring the negativity. I’ve started fitness again, for the health benefits. Still, I am sick of my family. We’ve moved house and I’m currently typing this as I sit in my old home in Wibsey, Bradford. My life has been within these walls. All the dramas.. all the tears, all the laughs. Now its to a new, fresh brick, fresh start.

I need my creativity back…. that’s the next level or chapter.