I have recently made this my goal in life, but lack of enthusiasm is driving me away. Enthusiasm by myself, but mostly, the people I am targeting. The whole world is my target if you like, but mostly people of the lower classes, people who have no common sense, people who think Barack Obama is called Barraco Barner. This is fucking outrageous. The fact that the younger generation feel it is, ‘uncool’ or ‘boring’ to be involved in politics, it’s not the average bar talk or chat up line. But most of what happens in this world is revolved around the politics that it originates from, and corruption lies within so many of the worlds leading businesses, co-operation’s and forces. Even if it comes down to where the Olympics or FIFA World Cup will be held, to a local police station in 3rd World Africa that maybe ignoring the death of his own civilians.

This information needs to be in peoples heads, people in 1st world countries that are unaware of information that could drive YOU and your family, into poverty and back into the stone age. Information that would push a world-wide revolution forward and maybe the end to poverty and corruption, but that’s not going to happen if people don’t care, the people in the countries that matters NEED to care.

So first I have a picture of a tweet by one Gemma Worrall, of Blackpool. A 20 year old beautician. Also quite an uneducated young girl….


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 16.28.03

Now I’m sure you can see my anger, even though this is just one tweet that has reached worldwide fame because of her lack of knowledge, but the fact of the matter is that this isn’t just a one off thing, this isn’t just one young woman making a bad mark on the typical British culture. THIS IS THE BRITISH CULTURE. My parents, they never really cared about politics, other parents I know don’t like to know about what is happening in the world, World War 3 could be happening soon and people will be sitting on their arses watching Saturday Night Takeaway with Ant & Dec, rather than watching the News channel on some biased view of some terrorist or rebel! So this is a video I recently found, an advert by ‘Save The Syrian Children’. This short advert is fucking amazing… mind my french. It shows how if Britain went into civil war in the modern day, this would be the life of a small, young British girl. Her life is normal, School, friends and family, the video starts on her birthday, happy days! As the video goes on, it portrays in the background shootings, killings, and then finally civil war, and the girl moves home, her father dies, and by her next birthday. Her life is dramatically different. This shows the true power of the knowledge that we as a country need to be aware, weather you are a 7 year old girl, or your an 18 year old man, people have to have an understanding who is your leader, why? what they do? and who what is happening in the world…which is most important!

So yeh, this is the link for the video – http://www.policymic.com/articles/84397/haunting-video-shows-what-syria-s-civil-war-would-look-like-in-the-west

This is the scary truth, maybe one day soon this will happen to the United Kingdom, maybe it won’t happen for a while here, but it’s happening in other countries around the world, and the more we are aware of it and act, the less it can only happen. There are many ‘revolutions’ going on now as we speak, some are in countries like Venezuela, where people revolt against the corrupt government, or it can be a beloved celebrity called Russell Brand starting an online revolution and publicizing it on media stations and websites. Or you can be an Anonymous Activist, which again is online, whatever the case maybe, more and more people are being engaged in saving each other all over the world, more now than ever before. But then there are people like Gemma Worrall, who insist they stay out of politics because it’s to confusing. I insist that we educate ourselves and others around us with the information all over the world.

This is “The revolution needs you” – a message from Russell Brand.