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I count myself as a ‘commoner’. A proud one at that. I expect to see proud posh folk waltzing around with cigars and jumpers tied around your shoulders. But the mix between the two frustrates me. The ignorant and rude, is there any need? Looking down on people. No point.

This is a common, popular truth that is on every street in London, snobbery and rudeness, yet if you go to the cheaper parts of the city and see the homeless and poor staring at you, you feel like you could get robbed.. or something dramatic. How on earth can the local governments and councils of London do to make this stupid hatred for each other disappear. I doubt this will ever happen, people are people and we all moan and think unfairness is everywhere… that’s the common truth.


What the fudge has been going on? The EDL leader has turned his back on his party, saying there’s to much “extremism” in the party. Hopefully the party now folds or disbands. Plus the Labour Leader MP turned his back on the Trade Unions not long ago, the fucking people who created the Labour party, have been shat on. Collision is going balls up, the Liberal’s saying that they will be in a Collision government with any party willing. These fuckers will do anything for power, then when they have it, nothing is done, they get abused by all forms of communication, everything down to his twitter account, then they quit there job and be hated by 90% of the population in the country they have ‘fought’ all there life for. 

I’m just baffled at what is going to happen to these parties, maybe a new form of democracy should be made, there are many tribes around the world that still use inspirational political and humanitarian tactics to run there empire, village, community, whatever. I researched not long ago, about an old Medieval village in Surrey, England. They were called, the Digger movement… They’re lives were simple, to live happy and in peace, everyone is equal, everyone gets equal. This small community boosted during Civil war times, when England was in bad trouble, they wrote a manifesto that was based around their philosophy of life. Very intelligent people lived here, who also farmed and supplied themselves happily. The village is modernly known as Esher. Many modern politicians and business entrepreneur’s have taken on parts of the manifesto and have had massive success with how they’re “running the ship”.


I am currently living at my ex-girlfriend’s house, her new shared home with some other students I know from my university. I have had a successful battle against the university and they’re agreeing to help me, for free, for two years. Boom. Result. 

So i’ve stayed at my mates, now i’m at my ex’s, the situation is fine, I just don’t wanna fall in to deep. I’ve been concentrating more and more on my work, my topics and my ideas. 


shit is going well… so far

I visited the cartoon museum in Soho, London yesterday. I was starting my research for my dissertation on Editorial Illustrator’s, but mainly aiming at Political designs. Inside the museum I found loads of new artists I can explore and I found my favourite illustrator’s work, an original copy, his actual strokes, unfortunately I couldn’t find an image of this work on the internet but heyho. The image was called ‘The Tea Lady’, it consisted of a two colour code, Red and Black, it was drawn with only looked like Ink. The strokes he takes to define certain areas, the lady herself is a character, she’s very ‘slagish’, sat on top of the machine sipping tea. I saw that this was the 83rd copy he had done, and so this inspired me so much. I was flabber-gasped when I saw the work, I stared at it from far away for about 10 minutes, then I looked closer and closer until I could of licked the glass frame. 

Very exciting ideas I saw which I will re-create, to practise my style and learn how to shade better and enhance parts of the illustrations. I will start posting my Illustrations on this wordpress page, just for shits and giggles. 


Word…press x