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Having the strength to not buy another pair of trainers to add to your collection of 100’s. Is that fighting an addiction? I like playing PC/PS3 Games, which i’m getting a little bored of, but I feel like i’m growing up in the process… But am I just finding a new addiction to keep my mind busy. Shit gets real when we’re talking about drugs, now i state drugs and not alcohol/drugs, because I find them the same thing… whatever your argument, until you have personally taken a big intake of both and felt the change in your mental and physical being then i will read. otherwise, fuck off.

It’s hard to say no to more cake, but i suppose if your not obese then your not addicted??????? can’t be true. I use to eat a lot of crumpets… LIKE A LOT OF THEM. I felt heart burn all the time. I had to stop. I could go through a pack of 32 in a few 2-3 days by myself. I just don’t know why i enjoyed their sexy buttery insides, golden colour staring at me like a beautiful women before giving me incredible oral. Buttery fucking crumpet oral. all in my face. Great stuff.
But i kinda got bored of them… and now i only eat them once a blue moon. I like it that way. I use to drink sooooooo much fresh orange juice too. that’s not good for your digestive system, especially with a huge intake of ketamine and ale all within good timings… clearly the orange juice was for hangovers.. not no more.

You have to stop… especially when your shitting orange juice. Not good. Bad times.

I am finding my interest in couch-fanning the rugby at the weekends is coming back, because I can’t play i’m so desperate to be apart of it, I’m just watching all sorts of shit rugby, some great.. but ah well. Just if surrey didn’t have expensive sports clubs. Your paying the price of a mortgage to play a fucking hobby. Welcome to Conservative Britain folks! I’m in the thick of it, and i hate it. hahahhahahaha Ridiculous, but they’re are some pretty cool non-conservative people here. So it’s all good.

So yeah, addiction. It’s a tough one to crack, to control and learn from, it takes time and effort, sometimes people don’t come out the other end, sometimes they become greatness…

I’ll let you know how it goes once i stopped smoking weed and my addiction to Cant-be-arsedism.



scary to think of it. This shit has been on my mind for a few week now especially with the Greek party all getting arrested for murder and whatever else. Fucking madness. To think that a few year’s ago, in terms of history dating back from when records began, we’re still fighting the same stupid fucking things. Nazi’s.

But we also have this other enemy the media is spotlighting, the extreme muslims. We’re bombing the shit out of these ISIS and yet we have extreme muslim AND catholic street gangs, protecting territory, violently too apparently… according to Vice News. So why aren’t the London Met stopping these people right under our fucking noses, when they’re “scared” about people becoming RADICALISED in Islam and going to fight the war overseas.
No wonder the London Met is shit. Instead of protecting the streets from religious fundamentalist youth gangs who lets face it, if in rough parts of London, will be armed to their teeth. Much like ISIS is ironically.

France keep pushing laws against Muslim’s now too, we here in the UK have the wanker Nigel Farage representing us in Europe, becoming pals with all the Nazi’s*. And we have BNP, thank fuck they’ve toppled over hard, EDL are a set of racist wankers who may see people like Farage as an answer.  And that’s what fucking scares me, he calls himself liberal, yet prioritising benefits to people who are british over everyone else. Yet he’s friends with Polands far right wing party leader, and he supports the ‘works’ of Adolf Fucking Hitler. Yet the wankers in EDL vote people like farage in as a ‘pro-test vote’ (uneducated in my view) and then attend a fucking Remembrance Day ceremony with their family and friends, and mourn over the millions of people who fought a war to fight the very thing the people your voting in power wish a society to be like.

How fucked is that? C’mon. Who’s with me?

You know, sometimes I look out of my window, and wonder what the fuck is going on out there, in secret meetings with leaders, to the frontline where the politics is out of the window. History repeats itself – and i’m very strong believer in that. I just hope that with all this Hacktivist Revolution, and the revolution of Egypt 2011 and others like it, the Bolivarian Republics in South America. I just hope with all this, we can learn and teach each other in Europe and USA, and maybe change our way of life, or we revolt to avoid us having a world war 3, which lets face it…. Hiroshima was just a teaser. Every fucker is armed now. Man may not be around for much longer. Surely that’s a bigger ‘revolt’. And all a massive world war needs is something dramatic to happen… something like a war to destroy a religion (crusades etc) or a war for oil and money, greed, land… it only takes one man, one political party.

With the rise of these far-right’s in Europe, I sure hope i’m not right.





*no proof.

Creedence Clearwater Revival bitches. I first of all had to get an interest in record players and vinyl. Already a decent CD collection… a whole range of things, from fucking james bond top songs (don’t ask), to Elvis, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, the list goes on…

So i’ve always had a love for soul music. This being from my mother, so of course I expected to get a load of soul records from her, which I did… mostly Best of Motown at the current times… but I was looking for singular artist albums, not a collective.. Maybe i’ve used the complete wrong terminology for that there but piss off, I don’t care. She got out a load of these records and at the bottom, I saw this one of these four faces, reminded me of the Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen song where it’s just their faces in the dark. But it was labelled Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pendulum….I find another… Green River…I put it to the side and thought my god Motown Records had some beautiful female singers. DAMNNNN!! My mum said I would have heard of them before… they’re always on the radio. New news to me.

So months later, I get this record player… playing a few of the oldies, few I bought myself… then I checked out this CCR lark. Well, it blew me away. The lyrics are powerful, and i’m not talking about the mainstream songs that have probably been spoiled by shit TV advertisements, but the ones that aren’t singles… Midnight Train is just a fantastic piece of american bluesy country feeling. There cover of Marvin Gaye’s “heard it through the grapevine” is just a fucking masterpiece. These were my dad’s old records… and what I still can’t figure out is, why didn’t he tell me about them? why didn’t he become a hippie, or follow at least a bit of the culture.. instead of being the racist biker loving twat he is. I may have liked him… Creedence could have changed him, or should I say, revived him. Waheyyyy.

So yeah, i’ve liked blues for a while, before i heard these, but this hippie blues was something different. It then opened my world to possibly one of the greatest bands of all time….

       ———-                                                    CANNED MOTHER FUCKING HEAT                                               ———-

SATURDAYYYYY NIGHTTTSS represents the fun times I use to have when i played rugby back home in yorkshire… now stuck down here in this middle class, pretentious, prison!!… Surrey. It’s capital letters are the cocaine nights and heavy drinking, shit ‘banter’ and sexist gags. Doesn’t sound like the best but thinking back that’s probably a good sum up of it. The young rugby club days….The typical 12 hour binge starting on a Saturday after rugby 2-4pm depending time of year… and ending up… well… sometimes Monday.

As you can tell, saturday nights… are the boring lifeless nights. My choices are dissertational work, blog, illustrate….  And i choose to sit and blog. Exciting. Fun. No cocaine… although a small bit of Marijuana which doesn’t help the situation of trying to read books on masculinity, semiotics, media corporations and fucking UKIP… United Kingdom Independence Party.. How fucking fun does that sound.

So this is my saturday night’s now. i’ve watched hours of rugby and actually managed to do fuck all work….whilst i sit here waiting for time to get so closer to the next daylight so i can actively go out and make up another excuse for why i’m not doing my work… procrastinate.. procrastinate…PROCRASTINATE.


(I hope for american readers, you could understood my sarcasm in this post or well….. it would have been quite a weird read…)

I like to speak my life on this blog. I find writing, peaceful and relaxing. But, that’s not how my last few month have been. So i met this lady on a night-out, told her she was beautiful.. literally walking past her and just said it for no reason. Her reply shocked me…”oh thanks, your not to bad too!”,(obviously shouting, we was in a club in Halifax, Yorkshire…anyway) I spun around and thought, fuck me I am in! I stood there and asked her named etc, blahblahblah…and I saw my friends over on the dancefloor, as my friend Ricci from Hackney would put it, I gaged’ them. I thought, “I can’t really take them to her, look at them… it’s like i’ve brought London Zoo out for a trip”.

So instead, I was honest with her. I said “Do you know what, I really…” biting my lip anxiously..”would lock you up like Joseph Fritzl did to his……(awkward smile).. your so fit!!” … She smiled at me… and gave me a kiss… or ‘snog’, ‘made-out’, or… headbutted with sexy lips.

I was nearly cumming in my pants. I pulled a reet fine piece of ass and so we walked out the club, i left my pals and I asked her if she knew who Fritzl was.. and what I meant, did she understand… She did. I knew I was in for one hell of a ride.

well…I thought to positive at the wrong time. I should have paced myself and well….. let me explain, we got to her’s… (sexy stuff happens here…)i’ll cut to the point .. Needle in a haystack kinda thing. My penis, was nothing. I could have put my head up her. But i didn’t really understand the science behind it, she was small… about 5′ something, and she weighed fuck all… So yeh.

Oh yeah, someone i worked with over summer, told me of these certain halls, where you can go in and chill with your mates, play PS3/4 Xbox etc, and you can smoke green there too… can’t buy it there, nothing like that but still…. crazy shit. In a UK city too!    – the world is changing


have you ever been somewhere, and just been amazed by the whole experience and thought, wow, why have i never been apart of this before… why haven’t i been here before. Well Beatherder is like that, ‘hippie fest’ is what i was told.. which is partially true.. there’s also a load of students like myself, ‘the nobheads’ i think where called by other festival goers. Then you have the chavs, because this festival is in northern england, between lancashire and yorkshire, majority of the people there are fans of house, jungle, reggae, and a few more to name, headliners were Happy Mondays, (who i missed due to tripping balls, although i saw them wave goodbye at the end). but yeh, chavs, theres a fair few, but with all the acid, lsd, mushrooms and whatever else is thrown in your face kindly by some fun loving hippies, it’s like… a beautiful scene of just peacefulness and friendship between everyone there. If your struggling on the ground, people don’t walk past and leave you, they help and pull you around. It’s a nice environment. I accidentally killed a moth in the pub on the little high street they have in the woods there… amazing venues.

So yeah, this pub has a little bar with the little bit of the roof with lights and you have to duck under to see the bar basically… i’m tall too. So i was right under where this light was shining down.. the light was like a fingers length from my face.. i was moving about trying to avoid these little flies… then this huge moth was all up in my grill.. literally all over me, and i thought, i’m getting a pint of ale here. I don’t want no fucking moth in it. I waited and waited.. it landed on the bar in front of me… BANG i slapped my hand down and turned to my mate, “I got the bastard!” i shouted… only to find him staring at me like ‘what the fuck are you doing….’ his big eyes didn’t stand out that much though, because there was another bunch of people behind him, about 20 hippies… who also stood and stared at me.. The barmaid held my pint far away from her and placed it in front of me like i’m some kind of mass murderer, rapist or something crazy. “shall we leave mate?” my friend tom asked me. I reply “no, i just bought this, lets chill over here” and walk over to some women, to try chat them up in my messy ecstasy and ale state. 20 seconds later I had left the pub, trying to catch up with my dignity somewhere at the other side of the festival for a few hour. let the heat down die.

These three events aren’t everything i’ve done, and please…. HAHA please don’t judge me. I’m only human.

So I’m writing a diss on how the Media portrays far right wing parties in Europe, now, looking mainly at UKIP and Nigel Farage and their rise in power between 07-current.

My question to you is… As you can see I have named them a ‘far right wing’ party. when in fact, they call themselves right wing. Far right doesn’t look to good on parties identity. So do YOU think that UKIP are a FAR right wing party.

There are many reason’s why, and I’m not explaining them, although bare in mind the main reason… they don’t have a manifesto. So when it comes to policies… they have non.