Hopefully I wish to change shit this year. New flat, new people, hammering some work, need to change my lifestyle. 

What on earth could a young man do in the year 2014 in London that doesn’t consist getting high or drunk… not a lot probably, this is South London of course, Built for the working class slaves, and was once a slum. Now it’s only lost it’s title of slum and there’s not much to do, most people are staying in getting boozed up or high on some sort of drug weather that be some crazy chemicals mixed with a tad of cocaine, or it’s the smallest weight of marijuana you can possibly buy.

But… I need to concentrate on my work, the drawings, the design, the politics around me. I need to research. Shit loads. Prepare myself. Set up my mental frame of mind to work for almost most of my life, everyday. Prepare myself for the rat race. Race the race, then change the race. Be in the game, but know about the game. I need to concentrate on money. Not finding eternal happiness inside. No hippy shit. I find that later in life when I’ve made the wonga. 

2014. Come at me.