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Well, George Osbourne’s Budget last week was something to go down in the history books, but today’s Prime-ministers Questions should be as famous as the ‘Battle of Orgreave’.

The battle between the most vulnerable disabled people in our society, against the established government and the media, mainly the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

This is Norman Smith, a BBC news broadcaster who was told to stop filming the protest, and he did.

What sort of journalism do we champion in this country? A sort that does as it’s told when told by the establishment. Well, that’s not what journalism is, was made to be, but unfortunately has become.

The MP’s were under strict rules to not show any support or acknowledgement towards the protest based in the lobby of the House of Commons today. All but one listened. Caroline Lucas MP of the Green Party of England and Wales. And what a woman she is, powerful and strong she doesn’t give a shit. Democracy and freedom of expression is what she champions, and she gave the protesters the coverage they deserve.

We’re all in this together… All must mean everyone but the vulnerable, the non Tory voters. Well done Tories. You set of bastards


A school in Northern England has given me the honour of getting a little voluntary experience in a classroom, helping mainly the kids with learning difficulties. I got the job, because of my cover letter I sent to schools. It talked about my ambition of becoming a TFEL teacher overseas, and then I boasted about my university work. The controversial decision that my tutors refused to help me because of the national law. Turns out, I proved them wrong, and I got a 2:1 overall.

The staff whom gave me the job was impressed with my letter, very interested and curious. My project based itself around a simple goal – “How far can a student, push the boundaries of freedom of expression.”

Now my role is to help children and teenagers with special needs and learning difficulties, I too have suffered from depression and anxiety for years and hopefully my experiences in life, as well as my work, will greatly influence at least one or two students.

I’m nervous, very nervous. I want to prove to these students, staff and the school itself that I can be a good teacher and guidance into life of uncertainties and challenges. I have thrown myself in the ‘deep-end’, The school has got average standings, out of around 1,200 students the school has around 200 special needs students, and only 11 teaching assistants to help out. That’s a large ratio. The schools in Britain are crying out for teachers and assistants, some places more than others, some schools more than its neighbours.

Our government last week announced all schools will eventually become academies by 2019/20 – to which some schools, like the one I’m starting at, have objected to already becoming an academy because their school would suffer tremendously more. I hope my attendance at the school can hopefully spark a political influence in some students for the benefit of the schools future.

Best of luck to myself, I’ll need it with the surname I have!

Friedrich Neitzsche, “The Birth of Tragedy”

A beautiful quote. People say artists tend to have mental illnesses, of all sorts. But what about those who die young, who aren’t famous within their peers or popular culture. I feel I could be one of those. A life wasted, gone. Blown away with the northerly winds of the Yorkshire moors. Conservative Britain struggles to thrive with culture because, well lets face it. They don’t give a shit about the mental health or artistic values of the poorest in society. Thatchers old ghettos brought us ‘chav culture’. Not much really came out of it, nothing compared to the later centuries popular culture which dazzled a world. Western culture now gives us people like Justin Beiber, a man who actually spat on his own crowds…

Kanye West, a man who’s wife is extremely famous from one terrible pornographic film and the man himself. Well, his mojo has ran outta juice and he’s now publicly begging for money and producing terrible costumes for fashion shows around the world, the blandest thing i’ve ever witness. A quote from myself when I first saw the catwalk… “where are the clothes?”

Why can’t these be apart of the infamous ’27 club’. Why take Jimi and Jim’s live but not these people who are nothing but a reflection of capitalism going wrong. Terrible produce and shit tons of money.

For life will always baffle me, I hope. If there is a god. He will smite down and burn the souls who are desimating the modern western popular culture down to a laughable excuse of ‘art’. Ain’t no artist diss another artist and say you’re better.

Burn um’ all. They’re not artist’s. They’re capitalists!