My life is filled with much confusion, after my first relationship went tits up, I’ve had to learn to love myself again. It’s taught me to be a stronger person, but am I? My university is 50/50. If I fail, I can’t re-sit, so I fail!! So I don’t have time to be chasing women, I have to be here learning and designing in order to pass this ridiculous institution.

My life has got interesting, so it seems. I now wake up with the intention of doing journalism, and graphics… rather than waking up having to do graphics work, which I merely enjoyed. Now I am excited about my project even more, my involvement with spying on UKIP is taking it’s toll on my head. My sexual life has been radicalised… although I do not wish to say much. My mind is all over, my deadline approaches, and I no longer cry about my ex-girlfriend.

I have started listening to more ska and hip hop music than ever before… blues was bringing me down to much, a change was needed. Classic FM in the mornings to keep my mind at peace from horrible thought. But still.. my life. my strange and confusing life. I feel like my soul is forever descending into an epitomeĀ of darkness … yet a fucking gain.