A life of liking.. and until the death of us. So it seems. I saw something on Facebook which made me write this. I, like many other people, constantly ‘Like’ things on Facebook, and take no action towards it, if for example the picture is off picture of something like a beggar on the street… and a quote saying something like END POVERTY END AUSTERITY! we all like it.. becomes a big hitter.. 400,000 likes… Then you turn up to an anti-austerity march and there’s 10,000. Thrilling. The excitement of liking and showing willing, being a sheep. Bahh.
The picture I saw was of a man punching a woman saying “Like – 0 Respect” with another 3 photos of something good, a man giving to homeless, a hero of war (debatable) and something else.. i can’t remember.. But around 400,000 liked it. Yet you see more than 400,000 people in the city of London just ignore homeless people. I hate these two faced people. I have some in my class at uni. People tell me they want to go on marches, protests, demonstrations… and they support all this stuff and believe all this stuff… so what? they fit in? they feel cool? important? … yet don’t be an ACTIVIST?! what’s the fucking point. Your a couch potato watching the big game on TV. Why be a spectator?

I’ve even had some people ask me, why do you do it? why do you put yourself in danger etc??


Keep liking the photos.