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Yorkshire rain is a pain,

Yet the main aim is to give us water, which without, we would see more pain.


So it’s a rare thing when I post onto this blog. I actually just took 15 minutes to try get the password. This is something that happens regularly, not forgetting passwords, but my sheer lack of motivation to complete or continue something I may enjoy, or loath. Weather it’s a gym membership for the good of my own health, maybe it’s money and my awful attempt at saving money, maybe it’s university and my desire to leave without nothing. Infact, living on the streets would be something I would consider, I have no motivation for a family, home, a career. My depression beats me down, and I let it, I have been told by a friend and tutor, Mark, who wrote to me saying “try to channel your enthusiasms productively”.


I need help on finding ways to motivate myself, my hobbies I once loved as a child are no longer what I enjoy, but I’m at the age now, where if i quit my hobbies, it may very well cost me a career, lots of money.. i may end up been a shelf stacker at Tesco….. AGAIN