Today I lost my dog, a black labrador called Shadow. Today we put him down because the vets had found huge tumors in​ his lungs and other places. Today is a very sad day. Today, I lost my friend.

I want to write a little poem for him, so here goes:

“Here lies our Shadow,
a shadow of myself,
dark, loving and mellow,
I’d had prefer it been myself.

His silky black fur, all over the floor,
remaining as a stain, until swept up like there was nothing before.
On the sofa he lounged, it became his territory,
his engraved figure, lying there, a memory no more.

Our love for him won’t go away,
a normal day, just can’t be this way!
As I see my shadow walk beside me,
I will forever remember the Shadow who loved me.

Now he looks down on me,
my head in the lead,
I look up to him as he did to me,
and I know, he’s shadowing over th​ee.

Here lies our hero,
forever remembering,
and never forgetting,
the ole boy that is,
our Shadow.”

Love you ole cock x