Today in Britain, where I am, I’ve seen everything today. All four seasons of earth have been and gone, and it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Snow to sun, and everything in-between, quiet mad really. But the weather isn’t the reason upsetting me today, it’s the Tory governments actions towards some of the most intelligent of Britons, Junior Doctors, they seem to now be the new enemy of the state, or so the government and media want us to believe.

If you was alive in the 1970’s during the miner’s strike, you will know the tension. However, I’m young, and this conservative bullying of our industries is relatively new to me. I have always used the NHS, for things like… my birth, dentist and eye-tests as a child, broken bones taken care of in our A&E departments, saving my brothers life after a motorcycle accident and also quiet recently losing grandparents to cancer and well, frankly, depression killed my grandfather. But that’s just my history of usage of our amazingly superior health service. The same doctors also help the British overseas colonies and United nations projects, by going into practices in war-zones, natural disasters and poverty.

What amazing people. Truly, if I ever have a child, what more could you want than one of them joining one of the most, if not, the most noble professions of them all. Sciences, human sciences, chemistry, biology, brain surgeons, you name it.

So I aren’t going to go into depths about the actual contract, about the actual event’s that have gone on, but one statistic. 98% of the NHS staff are apparently behind the ‘All-out strike’ that is happening today. Our beloved and overlooked A&E departments are what is the big upset today.

But I’m confused, baffled, and inside this reluctancy from our own population to stand up for what is known as ‘the last British religion’, the National Health Service. Historically Briton’s have always being fighters, revolutionary and we ourselves, this little island have influenced politics all over the world. We seemed to not bother any more, weather it’s the distraction of capitalism and material objects that derives us from fighting and believing in systems that our ancestors fought long and hard for, even died. The protest against the Iraw war brought out over 250,000 people, but still, in a population of millions, that is not enough.

My only worry is with today, the media whom play a huge part within the manipulation of the population into believing certain politics, well they are already pointing the finger at the doctors, “it’s there fault”, the BMI’s fault. And people will gradually start to believe them, my father in law is one solid Tory whom already is blaming the doctors for being paid to much, shouldn’t be aloud to strike, should be working 7 days a week (to which for you americans who don’t know, the NHS is and always has been 24/7 and always will be).

When people wake up to the fact, they’re paying to see their local GP, when they’ll moaning about forking out for insurance if they break their limbs, the terrible emergency response service, the under-staffed hospitals and well… you get the picture, when it will be time to wake up and do something about. The NHS will no longer be there, privatisation is happening on a rapid scale, the middle class journalists whom use private healthcare, couldn’t give a shit. And that’s what is making me mad. The very reason, people aren’t getting mad, people aren’t showing their love for the NHS, but when they are in need of the NHS.

The NHS will not fail to come help you. This shit needs to change, TODAY.