A school in Northern England has given me the honour of getting a little voluntary experience in a classroom, helping mainly the kids with learning difficulties. I got the job, because of my cover letter I sent to schools. It talked about my ambition of becoming a TFEL teacher overseas, and then I boasted about my university work. The controversial decision that my tutors refused to help me because of the national law. Turns out, I proved them wrong, and I got a 2:1 overall.

The staff whom gave me the job was impressed with my letter, very interested and curious. My project based itself around a simple goal – “How far can a student, push the boundaries of freedom of expression.”

Now my role is to help children and teenagers with special needs and learning difficulties, I too have suffered from depression and anxiety for years and hopefully my experiences in life, as well as my work, will greatly influence at least one or two students.

I’m nervous, very nervous. I want to prove to these students, staff and the school itself that I can be a good teacher and guidance into life of uncertainties and challenges. I have thrown myself in the ‘deep-end’, The school has got average standings, out of around 1,200 students the school has around 200 special needs students, and only 11 teaching assistants to help out. That’s a large ratio. The schools in Britain are crying out for teachers and assistants, some places more than others, some schools more than its neighbours.

Our government last week announced all schools will eventually become academies by 2019/20 – to which some schools, like the one I’m starting at, have objected to already becoming an academy because their school would suffer tremendously more. I hope my attendance at the school can hopefully spark a political influence in some students for the benefit of the schools future.

Best of luck to myself, I’ll need it with the surname I have!