Friedrich Neitzsche, “The Birth of Tragedy”

A beautiful quote. People say artists tend to have mental illnesses, of all sorts. But what about those who die young, who aren’t famous within their peers or popular culture. I feel I could be one of those. A life wasted, gone. Blown away with the northerly winds of the Yorkshire moors. Conservative Britain struggles to thrive with culture because, well lets face it. They don’t give a shit about the mental health or artistic values of the poorest in society. Thatchers old ghettos brought us ‘chav culture’. Not much really came out of it, nothing compared to the later centuries popular culture which dazzled a world. Western culture now gives us people like Justin Beiber, a man who actually spat on his own crowds…

Kanye West, a man who’s wife is extremely famous from one terrible pornographic film and the man himself. Well, his mojo has ran outta juice and he’s now publicly begging for money and producing terrible costumes for fashion shows around the world, the blandest thing i’ve ever witness. A quote from myself when I first saw the catwalk… “where are the clothes?”

Why can’t these be apart of the infamous ’27 club’. Why take Jimi and Jim’s live but not these people who are nothing but a reflection of capitalism going wrong. Terrible produce and shit tons of money.

For life will always baffle me, I hope. If there is a god. He will smite down and burn the souls who are desimating the modern western popular culture down to a laughable excuse of ‘art’. Ain’t no artist diss another artist and say you’re better.

Burn um’ all. They’re not artist’s. They’re capitalists!