The Era of Filth and Sluts.

Back in days of the Renaissance, they was a whole load of artwork dedicated to the erotic and horny ladies and gents, and it’s known for it. But back then they didn’t have Primark, Youporn and Perverts. It’s not erotic anymore, its not kinky or sexual, its fucking filth. We live in an era of slut’s wanting constant sex, throwing aids all over the place, religious leaders who hate contraception and have strict rules on ‘sex before marriage’ but yet they rape children. You can enter anything on google and your guaranteed to find porn, some lowlife tart with her tits staring at me from the corner of the screen.

Romance? Don’t make me laugh, I knew a girl who sucked a dick for a packet of £1.99 chips from Wibsey Pizza, and that was suppose to be a romantic walk home with my friend. Oh how I praised him.

Primark and other retailers selling bikini’s for kids under 6 or something fucking daft, yet we have the biggest media coverage of perverts and pedophiles at their best work, still we are all blind and still dress our children in what seem’s to be porn clothing. Women have started wearing less and less clothes, shorter and shorter skirts, so short I can see last night’s dinner. Where’s the class… even these classy women who live in the sticks with million’s are still filthy bastards, still sucking on the pork sword like there’s no tomorrow.

And at what stage did porn become a high street top seller, what happened to this strict catholic country England? We have popes and priests backing ‘sex before marriage’ yet there is Ann Summers on every high street with sex dolls and costumes all over the shop window whilst familys are out doing a shop. What an awkward shop to walk past with a teenager. I enjoy the titty bars, and it’s not even a weird thing, there fucking everywhere, full of creepy men who all go by the name of dave… just call me dave. My friend who is a stripper told me she sells pictures of her feet to men she meets at work. Madness…

This growing culture of ‘young parents’, 15 year old girls talking like 40 year old mum’s, children and parents all still in education and under 18. This is a popular fashion, and it’s fucking up everything. Not just the world’s problem’s like population, employment and money, but its fucking up the future generations mentalities, children from certain areas, who are from certain families, will think this behaviour is cool, its acceptable, its the way of life. Your wrong, and your parents are idiots. The future generations are only going to make it worse, make it into a grimier and more disgusting era of filth of sluts.