As we all know, Rome and it’s ‘greatness’ was quite a myth.. much like how the American ‘Dream’ is a myth, which many 100,000’s of irish and other european immigrants figured out years back. We know the world revolves around the $Dollar$ and when that falls, we all fall… Like the past few recessions, we’ve all collapsed… some worse than others, Greece, Spain… but some have got bigger, UK(mainly London), Australia, India. We all depend on resource… OIL. The romans depended upon Gold. When they ran low,¬†legions couldn’t be paid, so armies got smaller… countries like Germania regained their strength, much like how certain Arab/Asian countries re-gained their power… also the Bolivar Republics in southern america.

We all know that america is falling apart, bit by bit. A black president who has caused more racist conflicts in america than any other president has done since MLK. Obama is scared of russia who much like Germania, showed the rest of the world the weaknesses within the ‘great’ empire of Rome. ‘Rebel’ forces revolting in factions around europe fighting against an unpaid, unfed army. Europe spiralled into a Dark Age. But not everywhere… The Vikings came and gave europe a new life. A very under-estimated empire. Ukraine is at the centre point of this World War 3 early stages… the end is nigh.