So i’ve just been on a weird adventure. I’ve stopped smoking weed. I’ve actually had to have a few beers at night just to make me sleepy, last night I didn’t nod off till around 5.30am. Fuck. So this adventure… lets call her .. animal A. If i call her suspect or person, it would be unfair… animal seem’s correct. You will find out why when you read…..

Well, Animal A lived with me last year, and there was some sexual tension from her, I got it. I understood that she wanted a piece of my juicy self. So only now, and I bothered going the next step. Animal A has been texting me recently, she even asked if I wanted to be…. wait for it… HER ‘GO TO GUY’ ………. :/          basically, she wanted me to be her fuck buddy…

So I set off at 11.30pm!!!! to Animal A’s house, and i’ve only just got back, it’s 2am… I went there expecting a shag. nice and simple. both up for it… both being quite open and honest about what we want…. but my fucking god. I think my invitation got lost as I was walking there as I ended up at some fucking Kiss and Cuddle party.
We laid there for a good while, just kissing.. i tried my upmost best to seduce her…at  one point she fucking apologies for HAVING HAIRY LEGS… no fucking way. I have a beard right… and i went to touch her fifi and BAMMM.. i thought i was stroking my own face. Not that i don’t mind hair and the natural look of a women… but hairy legs to hairy ponani and I thought i was groping a scottish highlander.

I had to leave. On my way home I was asking myself… WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING… am i really this desperate.. the girl is lovely, and I’m all for personality, but she’s not my type of girl… i like the rouge, nutter, someone who has lived a little with drugs/booze and travelling etc. I don’t like materialistic rich daddy’s girls…. wrapped in a bubble of luxury comforts. I hate that.. but why have i put myself through it, trying to bed one… Since not smoking weed, and since my ex girlfriend, i find it so hard to pull women, and since the weed stopped 2 days ago.. i’ve done nothing but think about sex. fuck knows why. all i did when i was stoned was wank. hahahaha My honesty is probably my forte. which i hate. it gets me into trouble.. but that’s for another post. I just don’t know what i’m doing ….

Don’t worry if you think i’m doing something bad where everyone can see this about Animal A… Nobody i know has my blog and not even Animal A knows I have a blog. I don’t call myself a blogger… I just like to open up on here.

WHAT AM I DOING… no more hairy legs, no more bullshit, no more kidding myself. I hate people who are all talk no action. I’m so against it. Hate it. Wether it be sexually or not. It’s not a good way to live. Me being honest, i told her i wanted to fuck her hahahahahhahaha… and she said she wanted to.. but ‘i wanna take things slow’ doesn’t sound like an orgasm to me.

I wish i lived through the 60’s.