scary to think of it. This shit has been on my mind for a few week now especially with the Greek party all getting arrested for murder and whatever else. Fucking madness. To think that a few year’s ago, in terms of history dating back from when records began, we’re still fighting the same stupid fucking things. Nazi’s.

But we also have this other enemy the media is spotlighting, the extreme muslims. We’re bombing the shit out of these ISIS and yet we have extreme muslim AND catholic street gangs, protecting territory, violently too apparently… according to Vice News. So why aren’t the London Met stopping these people right under our fucking noses, when they’re “scared” about people becoming RADICALISED in Islam and going to fight the war overseas.
No wonder the London Met is shit. Instead of protecting the streets from religious fundamentalist youth gangs who lets face it, if in rough parts of London, will be armed to their teeth. Much like ISIS is ironically.

France keep pushing laws against Muslim’s now too, we here in the UK have the wanker Nigel Farage representing us in Europe, becoming pals with all the Nazi’s*. And we have BNP, thank fuck they’ve toppled over hard, EDL are a set of racist wankers who may see people like Farage as an answer.  And that’s what fucking scares me, he calls himself liberal, yet prioritising benefits to people who are british over everyone else. Yet he’s friends with Polands far right wing party leader, and he supports the ‘works’ of Adolf Fucking Hitler. Yet the wankers in EDL vote people like farage in as a ‘pro-test vote’ (uneducated in my view) and then attend a fucking Remembrance Day ceremony with their family and friends, and mourn over the millions of people who fought a war to fight the very thing the people your voting in power wish a society to be like.

How fucked is that? C’mon. Who’s with me?

You know, sometimes I look out of my window, and wonder what the fuck is going on out there, in secret meetings with leaders, to the frontline where the politics is out of the window. History repeats itself – and i’m very strong believer in that. I just hope that with all this Hacktivist Revolution, and the revolution of Egypt 2011 and others like it, the Bolivarian Republics in South America. I just hope with all this, we can learn and teach each other in Europe and USA, and maybe change our way of life, or we revolt to avoid us having a world war 3, which lets face it…. Hiroshima was just a teaser. Every fucker is armed now. Man may not be around for much longer. Surely that’s a bigger ‘revolt’. And all a massive world war needs is something dramatic to happen… something like a war to destroy a religion (crusades etc) or a war for oil and money, greed, land… it only takes one man, one political party.

With the rise of these far-right’s in Europe, I sure hope i’m not right.





*no proof.