Having the strength to not buy another pair of trainers to add to your collection of 100’s. Is that fighting an addiction? I like playing PC/PS3 Games, which i’m getting a little bored of, but I feel like i’m growing up in the process… But am I just finding a new addiction to keep my mind busy. Shit gets real when we’re talking about drugs, now i state drugs and not alcohol/drugs, because I find them the same thing… whatever your argument, until you have personally taken a big intake of both and felt the change in your mental and physical being then i will read. otherwise, fuck off.

It’s hard to say no to more cake, but i suppose if your not obese then your not addicted??????? can’t be true. I use to eat a lot of crumpets… LIKE A LOT OF THEM. I felt heart burn all the time. I had to stop. I could go through a pack of 32 in a few 2-3 days by myself. I just don’t know why i enjoyed their sexy buttery insides, golden colour staring at me like a beautiful women before giving me incredible oral. Buttery fucking crumpet oral. all in my face. Great stuff.
But i kinda got bored of them… and now i only eat them once a blue moon. I like it that way. I use to drink sooooooo much fresh orange juice too. that’s not good for your digestive system, especially with a huge intake of ketamine and ale all within good timings… clearly the orange juice was for hangovers.. not no more.

You have to stop… especially when your shitting orange juice. Not good. Bad times.

I am finding my interest in couch-fanning the rugby at the weekends is coming back, because I can’t play i’m so desperate to be apart of it, I’m just watching all sorts of shit rugby, some great.. but ah well. Just if surrey didn’t have expensive sports clubs. Your paying the price of a mortgage to play a fucking hobby. Welcome to Conservative Britain folks! I’m in the thick of it, and i hate it. hahahhahahaha Ridiculous, but they’re are some pretty cool non-conservative people here. So it’s all good.

So yeah, addiction. It’s a tough one to crack, to control and learn from, it takes time and effort, sometimes people don’t come out the other end, sometimes they become greatness…

I’ll let you know how it goes once i stopped smoking weed and my addiction to Cant-be-arsedism.