SATURDAYYYYY NIGHTTTSS represents the fun times I use to have when i played rugby back home in yorkshire… now stuck down here in this middle class, pretentious, prison!!… Surrey. It’s capital letters are the cocaine nights and heavy drinking, shit ‘banter’ and sexist gags. Doesn’t sound like the best but thinking back that’s probably a good sum up of it. The young rugby club days….The typical 12 hour binge starting on a Saturday after rugby 2-4pm depending time of year… and ending up… well… sometimes Monday.

As you can tell, saturday nights… are the boring lifeless nights. My choices are dissertational work, blog, illustrate….  And i choose to sit and blog. Exciting. Fun. No cocaine… although a small bit of Marijuana which doesn’t help the situation of trying to read books on masculinity, semiotics, media corporations and fucking UKIP… United Kingdom Independence Party.. How fucking fun does that sound.

So this is my saturday night’s now. i’ve watched hours of rugby and actually managed to do fuck all work….whilst i sit here waiting for time to get so closer to the next daylight so i can actively go out and make up another excuse for why i’m not doing my work… procrastinate.. procrastinate…PROCRASTINATE.


(I hope for american readers, you could understood my sarcasm in this post or well….. it would have been quite a weird read…)