Creedence Clearwater Revival bitches. I first of all had to get an interest in record players and vinyl. Already a decent CD collection… a whole range of things, from fucking james bond top songs (don’t ask), to Elvis, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, the list goes on…

So i’ve always had a love for soul music. This being from my mother, so of course I expected to get a load of soul records from her, which I did… mostly Best of Motown at the current times… but I was looking for singular artist albums, not a collective.. Maybe i’ve used the complete wrong terminology for that there but piss off, I don’t care. She got out a load of these records and at the bottom, I saw this one of these four faces, reminded me of the Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen song where it’s just their faces in the dark. But it was labelled Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pendulum….I find another… Green River…I put it to the side and thought my god Motown Records had some beautiful female singers. DAMNNNN!! My mum said I would have heard of them before… they’re always on the radio. New news to me.

So months later, I get this record player… playing a few of the oldies, few I bought myself… then I checked out this CCR lark. Well, it blew me away. The lyrics are powerful, and i’m not talking about the mainstream songs that have probably been spoiled by shit TV advertisements, but the ones that aren’t singles… Midnight Train is just a fantastic piece of american bluesy country feeling. There cover of Marvin Gaye’s “heard it through the grapevine” is just a fucking masterpiece. These were my dad’s old records… and what I still can’t figure out is, why didn’t he tell me about them? why didn’t he become a hippie, or follow at least a bit of the culture.. instead of being the racist biker loving twat he is. I may have liked him… Creedence could have changed him, or should I say, revived him. Waheyyyy.

So yeah, i’ve liked blues for a while, before i heard these, but this hippie blues was something different. It then opened my world to possibly one of the greatest bands of all time….

       ———-                                                    CANNED MOTHER FUCKING HEAT                                               ———-