This is my view, I did not want a title, because it was optional and that was my choice. Or, I wanted the title to be ‘Title’ so the irony of me writing it was a comical effect. Both of these were my choice,

So now im guna talk about my view – which is the same, i choose to believe this view.

My view on how society can change is not by a controversial act by one or several people, but for all people to think for themselves and change what is happening. The majority of the audience can’t think for themselves when it comes to politics, Save the Children of Syria came up with a TV advert to prove this point, that we are all blind until war comes at our doorstep, we shouldn’t have to have war hit us to realise what is going, to understand who’s side you are on and why. Surely these are question’s that are so huge in adulthood, and the decisions of what we choose are what we have to live through for our whole lives. The national curriculum won’t teach these people about it, so if our parents don’t or we don’t want to ourselves, then who are we to look to when answering these questions. By educating and engaging the youth into this, is the only way people will genuinely be able to have independent thought on who, what and why is controlling society and how it can change. Educating yourself is far more powerful than any curriculum ever designed, it is a self-spiritual and moral eagerness to learn, and the information given to us teaches us ways in which a controversial change can happen in society around the world. 


Thanks for reading x