I’m sorry fellow bloggers that I haven’t been keeping up to date with continuous blogs about random articles and annoying topics. I have had a mad few month, I ended up getting back into uni, bumming them and their regulations, I won. The main reason I started this blog was to take my concentration away from such other things that aren’t going to make my career more interesting or useful towards making me some money and the ‘easy life’. So I just missed my train from London Euston and I’m now sat with a pint waiting around to get another coach from Victoria coach station to my home in Bradford. Maybe I should have got my coach to Halifax instead, that’s my new home. So yeh, the last time I posted on this was a while ago. I seem to lose connection with my world down in London and my life up north. Two different roller-coasters. Two mad places. One weak fragile mind and one abused body. My friend who I just came to the station with, (he got his train) Adam, he said to me “Mike, you’ve got yourself two jobs, squatted in two places, got yourself arrested, quit 2 jobs and still homeless, and have you done any uni work?”

Well, fuck me, I didn’t know what to say. I laughed. He’s being honest, I like an honest person. Prefer that than someone who goes down with me to the rock bottom. Honesty like this truely is the best policy, a good friend. Useful words. Basically something my dad would say, FRAME YOURSELF!