I visited the cartoon museum in Soho, London yesterday. I was starting my research for my dissertation on Editorial Illustrator’s, but mainly aiming at Political designs. Inside the museum I found loads of new artists I can explore and I found my favourite illustrator’s work, an original copy, his actual strokes, unfortunately I couldn’t find an image of this work on the internet but heyho. The image was called ‘The Tea Lady’, it consisted of a two colour code, Red and Black, it was drawn with only looked like Ink. The strokes he takes to define certain areas, the lady herself is a character, she’s very ‘slagish’, sat on top of the machine sipping tea. I saw that this was the 83rd copy he had done, and so this inspired me so much. I was flabber-gasped when I saw the work, I stared at it from far away for about 10 minutes, then I looked closer and closer until I could of licked the glass frame. 

Very exciting ideas I saw which I will re-create, to practise my style and learn how to shade better and enhance parts of the illustrations. I will start posting my Illustrations on this wordpress page, just for shits and giggles. 


Word…press x