The £3,000 a year tuition fee I pay must not be enough for these greedy gits. Entering into my third and final year, I have now been booted out of my university, my institution. When it came to appealing, I had less than one day to appeal my case. Now It’s got to the point of lawyers. I am being told by members of staff that I will lose if I bring lawyers in, But everyone else seem’s to think its a the greater idea. I have evidence to show EVERYONE that this speciailized instituion within London is a joke, an embaressment towards education and I will not stand here and let people treat me the way I have, and get away with this.

My education has been abused and joked around with at this university, Not much feedback is given from a full term’s worth of work, learning is minimal.
I was once told that the common misconception with universities are that you don’t go to learn, you go to get a degree and your guided through this.
But maybe a university that doesnt guide you through things, maybe the Unit I failed, I failed because of the lack of effort from my tutors, guiding me through my work, giving me advice, tips, research, influence. Yet, I wasn’t given any guidance, and now they are booting me out over £56. This won’t be the end of this topic. I will keep you, my bloggers in with this crazy situation, and my future plans.

I am now going to try beat them at they’re own game, threatening and taking force.