How to make Government understand design | Editor’s View | Design Week.

I study graphic design at a specialized university within london. I recently became interested with politics and philosophy, just because of the power the knowledge brings to the table. It opens your eyes to the world around you and helps you figure out where is good to live, why etc… The UK is not one of these places. This being one of my main reasons.
I don’t understand how they can not support such a vital part of british culture or education just because of their personal lack of understanding. Not everybody understands georgraphy or spanish, but them courses within institutions and schools carry on, they stand for something more than just the title. The way i look at education is like this, We are all humans who have something to offer the world, weather its the way of life we live, the business and success we become, or the talents that we are praised for. These aren’t forced upon us no more, these are given to us, or influenced to us by anybody in the UK. Teachers say if you don’t get your GCSE’s you can’t do anything in life, a child’s brain is a like a sponge and will soak that abuse into their mind and live life thinking they are a waste of space. Our educational system is fucked. Design as a whole is something that many, many people interact with and use everyday, weather its for a career or personal use. It helps solved people’s issue’s like mental health problems. Who normally, these people seem to be the high achievers within the history of design, music and art culture around the world.

Design is at the forefront of everything the world needs right now. Our stupid wars are advertised to make us hate other cultures and invaders. Our stupid shopping centres and sports centres that provide so much economy for the country are all advertised. How the prime-minister win’s his fucking election is advertised. Without creatives the world cannot move forward, people who think literally are the people who are stuck in the same position, they don’t make the world improve. People who are from all walks of life, all fields of work, all within the UK, these who think LATERALLY, are the ones who run this fucking ship. Not them posh sods with the money and no brains, no future plans and no hope.

Design is the number one field of work in the world. Nevermind business or whatever… Without design the modern world can’t run, without design, money can’t be made into profits, and companies can’t grow, cities can’t grow, and ultimately, countries can’t grow. Resulting in sub-cultures fighting out against this, against the ‘system’. It’s only a matter of time until we meet the ‘future punks’.