coked up slapper. you was the bomb in mean girls. what happened…

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Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27th birthday yesterday but her huge plans went downhill when the Cliffside rehab facility, that she is currently a resident of,  denied every single request she made. So she spent her special day with probably the only person she can count on….her lawyer, Shawn Holley.

Cliffeside denied Lohan’s request to have friends visit her on her special day because visiting days are only on Sundays.

Then she requested if she could leave the facility to go and get dinner with her friends, which has to get approval by the DA. She was denied again!

So the only person that can visit an inmate any time of the day…is a lawyer! Lindsay and Shawn hung out on her bday!

Reports are saying she was really upset because she was already on lock down on her birthday, she planned on having a huge party in NYC! Well that’s…

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