I am now losing it, living here, in this awkward situation, that my partner seem’s to make more and more awkward.

On a time that we are alone in our house, they seem to be three people who are living in my house. Me, my ex, the Iphone. This little shit I could kill. It seems to get more social value out of my own girlfriend, than I do. Hell the fucking thing makes her laugh more than I do. All I seem to do now is just shut up when told, talk when asked. I spend money on food for us to live, to go out and socialize with ‘friends’. I woke up this morning and I’m so angry I cried, then I booted some stuff around my house, this will only make the situation worse, but what could be worse than living with your three best friends – ex girlfriend and bestfriend, Iphone and my new best pal, Silence.

I don’t have a smart before because I don’t want to become some ignorant swine who only thinks talking and using manners is acceptable on their own terms and timing within a conversation, instead I’ll stare at a small screen in my hand, the devil screen. The screen that wankers get excited about a new one coming out, yet it does the same fucking thing. Through pointless shit like this I have created anger and deep hatred towards people just because of their incompetence to be fucking human, instead of a retard who is just clued to a screen for a social life.