ImageRobert Stroud.

I said I would blog about what I use to study as a hobby, which was history of gangland and crime etc etc… I enjoyed it. It gave me the thrills. Made me fantasies about being in that situation of wealth, corruption and crime. Although recently my life isn’t going very well, and I really can’t be fucking bothered typing or thinking about this shit, BUT it brings me away from the everyday life around me and indulges me into something I just seem to be doing without even thinking about. IGNORE THE WORLD AROUND YOU<<<.

Anyway, yeah, so whilst researching, when I was younger, must of been 12, 11, maybe younger, who knows… well I stumbled upon a famous prison, penitentiary to be factual. It was called Alcatraz. I could talk all day about this place, Love it. I read about famous prisoners who spent time on the island, and one name, one person, one story – stood out to me. His name was Robert Stroud. He was nicknamed the Birdman of Alcatraz, they is also a film that my nan told me about that Burt Lancaster was in, I think he played him…

Well, after my excitment about this person, I went online and round some shops and found a book that was about him, his biography, I have just lent it out to a friend of mine, Mischa, who is a brilliant writer for a few papers and websites, etc etc Music journalist. So yeah I enjoyed reading this book, I don’t think I ever read it the whole way through? I found out that his nickname the ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’ isn’t actually correct, his is the ‘Birdman of Sskjjdowjd’ (icantfuckingremembertheword) some prison from whereabouts he’s from in the USofshittyA.

He is a brillant scientist, and he found many cure’s for many things through the sciences of bird’s. He use to have cages all over his prison cell, and he would study these birds, breed them, raise them and maybe even bury them. He was a good scientist and isn’t really looked upon just because of his actions. Now I can’t remember what the full situation was with his murder’s, but I know one of them was when he murdered the prison officer, then he got sent to Alcatraz. Then he was fucked.

Can’t remember that much, and he’s a really interesting person, maybe one of his cures helped scientist’s when the bird flew came around not so long ago…? who knows?