Stephen Fry has once again amazed me with his intellectual thinking and using his power’s to reach out to the TV audiences around the UK. The comedian’s most recent piece of work is on Channel 4, it’s called “EYE SPY”. On this program he tackles many topics, Racism, Sexism, Ignorance and many many many more, by using social experiments to catch out the British public to see if they react, ethically, morally.

This show is good, very fucking good. It’s something our society needs, and on a regular basis to show that we are more becoming a culture towards hating each other, rather than being friendly. The show has it’s downfall’s. Stephen, god bless him, he is enthusiastic about a 33% of us who would say something to a racist remark, but fucking hell… 33% isn’t very good. He would then salute and honored the people that do the right thing, yet not mentioning the repercussions of more and more of us becoming unethical. Plus the locations of this experiments, I know it’s only been one episode so far, but fucking hell… folk in Manchester and London do NOT represent the rest of the country, London being the biggest metropolitan city in the world isn’t even 50% of British people, so some people in these experiments could be tourists.

The experiments NEED to be in more derelict or deserted places within the UK, in places of Britain where no black people live, or a little village where outsiders aren’t welcome. These places need to be tested, because at the end of the day, the average man in this country isn’t all these words that seem to appear ‘sexist, racist …. blahblahblah’ only people who are brought up or have been persuaded that these words and the actions they follow are correct, are the right way of life.This is the audience that Fry must break, this is the crowd that make our country look like shit, and out of only THREE EPISODES… this short message to the UK public should be a regular shout at the fuckers.