“DOWN DOWN… DEEPER AND DOWN”…. this is some deep shit.

I’m sat here, with my eyes focused so much I’m getting eye-ache. Watching about how religion is bollocks and the American government is corrupt and organized the 9/11 attacks and how they which I find this mental, but how did they have trial days for the air force, which they were practicing planes into buildings. Then on the day of these trials, they failed real world attacks, the exact same with the London Bombings… same stations, times, days and events… hmmm? plus a reporter asks George Bush about the 9/11 report, and just embarrasses him publicly, but the fucking people watching this shit are to dumb, to lazy to give a fuck.

All this is very well and good, really interesting, but why does this guy who is now the leader of this ‘movement’ doesn’t also concentrate on corruption within Europe, within the UK. The fall of the stock markets within Europe which has caused so much civil war within so many countries. He does concentrate the DVD really well about ‘Terrorism’.

Scary word – Terrorism. But maybe this is the English language that is used as a weapon, instead of terrorist bombs and all this fucking shit. How can you get rid of terror by using warfare, enforcing terror on other cultures and countries around the world, and expect terror around the world to disappear. Terrorism, a word that once said gets the mind thinking about things we relate to the word terror. Much like if i said flowers, you wouldn’t expect burning fires and sharp nails, you’d imagine fields of flowers or a vase full. The gullible audience believe these words… they believe that because somebody on television or somebody of higher power and responsibility says a certain word, and we should all hate and despise this word, we should ‘fight against it’. Bollocks.Β 
It’s like if I use the word ‘bastard’. It’s an awful word because it is swearing…. whatever that is, but it also means you are born without a father figure. A bastard child.
Words are the most powerful of tool’s for governments and capitalist’s to use, long or ‘hard to understand’ words are not taking in as much by the dumber more gullible of people. But when a spokesman etc can’t find certain words, and other people make them think before they speak, some things are now kindly recorded due to our amazing era in mankind. Now, unlike ever before, we can catch, embarrass, torture and humiliate using different ways, these people who run our shit, but don’t run it very well.Β  Also, actions and image are strong tool’s used by these fucking morons to manipulate audiences into believe ‘the truth’.

Poverty is the biggest terror within this world, something that can be easily resolved, without all the war, without all the religion and hatred for each other, this useless function of currency could actually be of some use.

Years and years… thousands of years.. its been endless warfare. Not one year goes by where the word PEACE has been used throughout the world at the same time. Not even after such horrific incidents as world war 1 & 2.