Image The glorious taste of sweet tobacco is hidden by a packet that has been structured into been a powerful piece of advertising, it couldn’t just say Cigarettes. It has royal golden colours to look appetizing and luxurious to the rich and wealthy, yet it has it’s addictive sticks of rolled tobacco for the poor and unhealthy.

Since I’ve been smoking, I’ve taken a keen interest on the designs of these packets, Lambert and Butler, Marlboro, Benson and Hedges, many many more have more or less the same packaging, different colours etc, but the layout, the theme’s they seem to follow, even with these new SMOKING KILLS stickers laid in front of the design, and images alike the one I’m thinking of, where a man with some sort of infection on his neck appears on the back of the packet. Still these appeal to people.

I looked closey on a packet I had been smoking for a while, Marlboro Reds. Been quite a keen historian I know about the Roman empire. A speech that Julius Caesar said about his campaigns that ended up ruling the world as they knew it, he said this, “Veni Vedi Vici”.. which means, “I came, I saw, I conquer”. Which is also on the logo that is stamped into the middle of this package… A coat of arm’s stands above the bold black lettering of Marlboro, into a deep and powerful quote, telling the audience right there, that soon as you see one, you want one, soon as you smoke one, I’ll conquer your body.
Other packets also have some sort of strong imagery, some sort of manipulating word play. Like I said in my last post, WORDS ARE THE MOST POWERFUL OF TOOLS.