On my previous posts I write about a company I have been interning at, I have appeared 2 days in 2 weeks, simply because of the lack of motive, organization and structure at this company.

It seems to be successful and is getting bigger, spreading from London to Miami. But at the same time, I’ve heard by my journalist friends and they told me differently, they said its going down the shitpan. And I wonder why….

The company when I joined, didn’t have any editors, no department mangers or supervisors, its simply a one man show. The owner, the creator, he does fucking everything, he doesn’t know how to use photoshop, he doesn’t employee many staff, and I mean BARELY ANY. Maybe 2-3 people out of a good 60 people I’ve met at the GN, but everybody is on internship’s, so he gets all the money. 
I was told to do a small animation banner, advertising an event, I created something within the hour, and this should have been a quick job. The ‘GUY’ shall we call him, the owner dude, well he shows me the banner already created, and tells me to get the information from FACEBOOK then re-create it how I want.
It ended up taking me around 6-7 hours to complete this shit, as every time I showed him, he wanted it to be changed. Until it turned into something that was so shit, and I was embarrassed to call it ‘my work’. Nearing the end of the day, because he couldn’t be bothered telling me what to do anymore, he got someone else to supervise my work, after short discussion I got told the person supervising me was a fashion journalist and knows fuck all about graphics.

So I was quite pissed off I haven’t learned fuck all at this company, no briefs are given, no feedback, no guidance, no structure, no organization…. If I have studying something for years, don’t insult me by saying my work is bad, when everybody but the owner doesn’t like it, then getting people who know nothing of my profession, to tell me I’m wrong, or shit…