My friend recently wrote an article about Alcatraz and we was talking about the three men that claimed to have escaped, but did they survive or did they die?

When I was younger I had the pleasure of going to the beautiful city of San Franciscooooooooooo, and wow. Loved it. I had the privilege of going to Alcatraz and going on the tour, another amazing experience, I have had a mad love as a child, and baring in mind I failed history at school because I fucking hate the curriculum, I learned history my own way. I studied hard about gangland, ganglord’s and gangsters. So I honored the moment I stepped onto Alcatraz Island.

Since my chat with my friend, it’s been on the back of my mind, and I wondered where in my life I stopped researching and learning about these incredible people. Corruption was a main topic I loved, the violence and war it sparks, the money and power it brings. Maybe this is why I enjoy politics now…

So yeh, this is just me telling you all about me thinking about this history of crime, that I enjoyed so much, and I have so much knowledge about. FUCK IT! I know what I’ll do, I’ll fucking blog about it.