I ask myself what ‘ACTING NORMAL’ actually fucking is. Because apparently, I don’t do it. That must surely mean I must act ABNORMAL. But who’s to say? Some punk ass bitch from the pub who says I aren’t like him and his mates, maybe a teacher or tutor because your loud and energetic within their classes, or maybe a work colleague because you work radically instead of similar to everyone else. Maybe I’m a black sheep in a field of white sheep.

To be honest, who fucking cares? Normal is boring to me. If your normal you will normally work 9-5, mon-fri, you have a steady life, one or two holidays a year that you keep repeatedly year after year continue to still go and have the same thrills. At the weekends you’ll visit your same old boring nightclubs, bars and pubs and see the same old faces, hear the same old stories but with new characters.

You one day find yourself emerged within a ladies company, maybe some food, maybe a movie and a quick stroke of the thigh, who knows… 2 week’s later you realize she’s the same as her friends, she’s the same as the crowds around her, even the people she hates you can start to put together strong similarities. Depressing to think that most people are just replica’s of the people around them. There are major roles within this production – fashion being the foremost most powerful of all, don’t let me continue the list, let me rant here about fashion…

Fashion makes us want to look like the people we see on TV, people we see on billboards and magazines, these images are constantly bouncing out in front of everyone, it’s just your job to understand the situation and say “no, i don’t wanna be like that dick on the TV”.
I have a very weird fashion, I wouldn’t say I stick to any genre or style, if anything, I dress more like a soul singer from the 1960’s, or so I like to think. But for this, I’m weird, I’m not normal. But yet my clothes can be bought from high street fashionable shops, vintage markets and literally where ever everyone else shops. I just look at the situation with open eyes and don’t wear the same old tight tee’s and skater hats. I’m not a skater, so for that reason, I won’t enter a nightclub wearing a skater’s hat, but dressed as a little boy like my mother dressed me.

Fuck that shit… I’d prefer not to be NORMAL.
(this post could go on and on with my rants, but my fingers will bleed and I will starve to death and become blind… which ever order)