I ask myself what ‘ACTING NORMAL’ actually fucking is. Because apparently, I don’t do it. That must surely mean I must act ABNORMAL. But who’s to say? Some punk ass bitch from the pub who says I aren’t like him and his mates, maybe a teacher or tutor because your loud and energetic within their classes, or maybe a work colleague because you work radically instead of similar to everyone else. Maybe I’m a black sheep in a field of white sheep.

To be honest, who fucking cares? Normal is boring to me. If your normal you will normally work 9-5, mon-fri, you have a steady life, one or two holidays a year that you keep repeatedly year after year continue to still go and have the same thrills. At the weekends you’ll visit your same old boring nightclubs, bars and pubs and see the same old faces, hear the…

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