If you are reading this, and if you could throw some advice at me, it would be brilliant. Recently I have got into writing, I enjoy politics, culture.. but mostly music. One of my life inspiration’s is Hunter.S Thompson, and for my illustration’s I am a huge fan of Ralph Steadman. The gonzo clan.

I’ve wrote two articles so far, for the Guestlist Network in London, but the company seem’s to lack a main audience, it’s cheaply made, and the company is unprofessional and unorganized, I feel I can only personally work with a good structured company, not having a fashion degree and a journalist tell me what is good graphic design… when I’m the fucking designer. This is exactly the reason why I have wrote article’s for this company as well.. with writing people can’t tell you it’s wrong or right, just spelling, punctuation and grammar. So my love for this medium of art is growing, thick and fast.