Well… I haven’t been more fucked over than when a middle aged woman tore me apart in the back of her family car. I haven’t been more depressed than the time I had to spend 6 month looking for a job whilst living with my mum in the hugely depressing city of Bradford. I haven’t been more messed by the former school’s and colleges I have attended, but at the college standard of education, I could see it was slacking.

I was presented all these ‘cooler, slacker’ …. ‘hip’ if you want to call them, tutors. I find this quite annoying, that just because they are people who get along with other art type people, really easily.. doesn’t make them a good tutor, especially not a tutor that thinks he’s the top dollar shit, and refuses to teach you, because you have to teach yourself. If i remember correctly, the reason people get into education, is not to be guided in the right lines, it is simply to be educated from one human to another.

Crazy it might seem, but as I have come into university standard, I have realized, I’m paying for all of these people’s wages, when I can’t afford food on my table, I’m paying for an education that I’m being denied, whilst tutor’s walk around with the title that they are a professor or tutor at a university, making them look like the dog’s bollocks. But do these tutor’s teach you what your there to learn? Out of the tutor’s I have had, only two from university, that I actually take on board what they say, INFACT – 3 tutors, I missed out a supply one. The other tutor’s I have told them directly, I do not want your feedback, it means merely nothing to me, the attitude I get from tutor’s is disgusting, but when I give it back I’m treated like a kinder garden child.

The standard of university education mainly, but even sixth form or college level education must be changed in the future. Stricter tutor’s like from the 1950’s, not somebody who’s scared of discipline, con-fronting students and other staff, giving harsh feedback, these are just some solutions I feel should be changed. It’s about time we kick out all the teachers and tutor’s that are scared of 10 year old boy’s throwing a pair of scissors at them, we need people to stand in the way of it and shout “Oi, you little shit, do that again and I’ll rip your fucking arm’s off”….Someone with some balls, who can give you a solid education.
But this has gone to far… maybe I’ve gone to far… maybe the governments have gone to far, teacher’s aren’t paid enough, yet they don’t teach enough, our young generations are growing up reading shit status’s and blog’s (like this one) on the internet, they listen to cheaply produced and thought about music to deafen there ear’s from the real sounds of the world, they are forced to read rubbish in these reality, celebrity…what ever you want to call them magazine’s – OK etc… It’s clearly visible to me – a 21 year old, borderline alcoholic and full time stoner from Bradford, Yorkshire – It’s visible to me that everyone who is now born and brought up in our god awful societies, will be made stupider and more a product of government need.