People can say the typical arsehole lines such as “it’s done me ok”, “its your own fault” “your thick and I’m not”…  blahblahblah… well if you think like that, you’re a twat and you shouldn’t be near other humans you moron. Many teachers and people have said shit like this to me, and I’m sure you’ve heard them a few times. I’ve had enough of these animals, these uncivilised mongs who seem to think that being a dick, is the best attitude towards helping people, but these are the people who might go home and talk to their dogs for half hour… like I said, your morons.

People learn at different paces, people might not blossom into something amazing until later in life, look at people like Richard Branson, owner and founder of Virgin, and he failed school, and left at the age of 15 or something, yet he is still a leading businessman now. Most people, who can’t afford education, can’t afford good housing and elegant foods are the people that seem to inspire the rich and famous to do more. But yet still, we poorer people are a product for these rich scum to mess around with, much like the stock market, things are thrown and tossed everywhere, but when there is a cash cow, money is drained from its udders and the bitch is milked so she’s like a dry dog bone. The she’s fucked, no longer needed, no longer wanted by the wealthy and powerful.