After my last post you probably realised I’m quite against the educational system within the UK, in fact I’m against the whole National curriculum. 

Let me just skip through SOME of the reason’s why I believe this, yet school teachers, tutors, lecturers, politicians and anyone who else who thinks England or the UK is the greatest place for education, these people will deny this. My aunt also disagrees with me.  I argued about the fact that we aren’t taught about English Civil War, and other certain periods that made our country what it is today, instead we learn about the bullshit corrupt land of America, and learn about how we corrupted it, but the way it is taught is made to look like we saved America from a land of nasty natives. This is very wrong.

English literature is not strict enough within school’s, I failed English Language, but yet I have still got my first article published not so long ago and I enjoy writing as a hobby, I aren’t the greatest at punctuation or spelling but I leave that up to the amazing technological advancements we now have, instead of pen, paper and eyes.

We learn more about Roman Catholicism within a history lesson, which I’m sure should be more focused in R.E studies instead. You learn about how powerful the Roman Empire was, its expansion, its slavery … fucking everything! But yet you don’t learn much about Alexander the Great, you don’t learn that much about Persian King, I think his name was Solomon, who found the first currency of the world to make en-slaving a much simpler task. 

It is huge points in history like these that must be taught, generations and generations are taught about the ever-lasting chase for money. “If you don’t get GCSE’s your all going to be poor and die early”, “Oh if you don’t get good SAT’s you’ll never be able to go to college etc”. “Oh if you don’t get 5 A-C GCSE’s your not aloud to go into further education” “Oh if you don’t get £9,000 by the age of 18 your going to struggle to afford to live after education”… Come to think of it, it’s what the national government need you to do in your life, and if you don’t learn there ‘system’, your fucked. 

Well, I fucked the system, I failed 90% of my GCSE’s, I scraped past my college with an argument with my tutor over my grade, and now I’m fighting for my entrance into my 3rd and final year into university. It’s all about the wonga to them.