A song by the great Canned Heat, one of my most enjoyable, relaxing songs, which I listen to one of my most enjoyable journeys ever taken, whatever form of transport I take, I enjoy just as much as the last journey. The trip from London to Bradford inspires me to take pride in English heritage. The excitement of seeing the land grow to its peak in the valleys surrounding Bradford, all starting from the beautiful wide flat lands of Surrey.

The horrid feel of consent concrete on the ground, car fuel’s instead of fresh air, the similar sound of emergency services blaring their sirens from Highbury to Brixton. I’m sick of this London shit. I’m sick of people saying cities are more beautiful than living out in the sticks. You people are blinded by advertisements and the dream of ‘living the high life’ in your £5,000 a night apartment, you rich fucking prick. Get out and enjoy the fresh grass and the bright sun. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing ‘a view’, especially when it’s of our own country and it’s beautiful, but it’s taken for granted, and forgotten about. I’d rather be a sheep shagger than city arsehole.