Strange People

This is a short zine I designed, and made with the thought of ‘an everyday banal thing’, it could have been anything from picking your nose, to having a good old wank. Something that humans do everyday without noticing how much we do it. Banal.

So I chose an interesting matter – rather than a book about how many times I can personally run around a park a week. Boring, not for me. I wanted to create something were people can laugh, but still be focused on the problem at hand, and still think about it. I thought about all the grammar and spelling mistakes on social networking sites. So i called the book – Strange People – a title i thought works well. I introduce the book and the idea, then I go on to show you some examples of poor English language that I found on my facebook home page, I didn’t edit or think of any of the status’s, they are all genuine.

It just makes you think what strange people can’t spell ‘laughing out loud’ instead of ‘LOL’.

In future time, will these stupid socialising sites force us to become more enslaved and thicken us by the governments – new world order etc.. or are we just becoming a fucking stupid race of people were we can’t spell and we don’t care that our children and grandchildren will grow into these vile idiotic morons. I’ll let you find out for yourself. x