Since an early age and because of my background and upbringing, I have been a big drinker. The real ale gets me excited, a fresh glass of wine with my food is mandatory, the beautiful strength of a hit of whiskey or rum boils my insides with love and emotion. I love a good ole drink. What can I say.
But drugs are my downfall, same as most people. But enjoying and being to deep are two levels of expertise I wish I had never known. I think of stopping of drinking, I think of not smoking that last joint or sniffing that last line of cocaine, but I end up doing it so. I think to myself one thing and only one thing – Lifes to short, so I must enjoy this experience and opporunity!

Several hours later, I wake out of the warm feeling of love for myself and everything, my high goes. and then I think, Maybe lifes to long, and this needs to stop so I see how long.